Jul 8, 2010

FRIDAY 100709

For time:

100 burpee pullups (do a burpee, jump to the bar at the top of the jump, and do a pullup)

Post time to comments.



monroe said...

I may be mistaken, but I think this was programmed as inverted burpees (yay burpees!). If you cannot find a pullup bar or want to do a sub for burpee pull ups, perform inverted burpees as follows: From lying face-up on the ground, sit up or spring to a squat and stand, then do a hand stand. Reverse order to the prone, face-up position. That's one. It helps if you are lying on a mat with your feet off the mat and facing a wall. The mat will help you roll through the sit up to a squat, and the wall helps you with the hand stands.

George said...

no pull-up bars yet in the new area, Stewart said they were going to be installed today (fingers crossed).

I subbed 100 regular burpees for time. 11:10

then for fun:
10 rds:
10 GHD situps/back ext

max effort row 500m

Brian said...

I made up Wed's WOD, posted there.

Phil B said...

Yeah, Mark, I didn't find the email that mentioned the Sub "inverted burpees" until after I posted. Anyhoo, did 100 burpee pullups (on the rings).

Jimmyk said...

As Rx'd. The pull up bars were still intact in the old gym.