Jun 29, 2010


Move out!

Run for max distance in 40 minutes.

Post total distance to comments.

If you need help plotting your run, try this site.


George said...

Competed in the Iron Major this morning. results were ok, definitely need to work on the run before the end of course competition
Pullup: 9 (3 red improvement over last max effort)
L2B: 11
buddycarry/ruckrun: 44.82 sec
crabwalk/run: 1:25/45:40 (includes crabwalk)

Phil B said...

great work George! Thanks for representing us all!

Jen B said...

It was great to see some crossfitters out there this morning at the Iron Major. I felt it was a good test...
PU: 7 (need to improve my grip on the bigger bar!)
L2B: 10
crabwalk/run: 39:15

Ray said...

Concur with Phil-- Great job, George! Think it's great you competed in the Iron Major. Motivating for the rest of us knowing you gutted through that tough workout.

WRT to today's WOD-- I use this site to map my miles for my meager efforts to train for the San Antonio marathon in November(http://www.mapmyrun.com)-- looks like the USATF site.

Brian said...

I am glad to see there was participation at the Ironmajor event. GOod job.

Today was a day of travel for me, so I didn't get it done, but I hope to hit the Adirondak trails in the AM!