Jun 22, 2010


Front Squat

These are sets across, so build to your 5RM and execute the sets.

Post wt. to comments.


Brian said...

I got up to a 5RM of 155, but could not sustain for 5 rounds. Perhaps too many rounds at lower weights?

C.L. said...

IMCF - Greetings from Colorado Springs. Still on the road. Knocked out the WOD at the local YMCA.

FS: 160, 165, 170, 170, 175

Also did shoulder press work from yesterday. Got up to 165 for a 1RM. Overall 1RM is 185. I'm blaming it on travel and altitude...ha, ha.

As punishment for poor SP, knocked out 1 set of max rep HSPU = 14.

On to Utah...

Brian said...

CL- Herman says hi. Good luck in CA. He is out there on Nimitz. It was good meeting you again here, and I wish you the best.

craigrr said...

FS: 135, 155, 165, 175, 185

Made up Kilo from yesterday and posted there

CL - good to hear from you; keep posting as you get your own box and program set up

Ray said...

Late entry:

135# 5RM sets across