Jun 8, 2010



Three rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 Kettle Bell Swing (KBS), (1.5 pood, or 55#)
12 Pullups

Post time to comments. Enjoy!


RW said...

Jeff and Rob -
Let's meet at the gym at the normal time, grab some rings and KBs and then head to the track.

craigrr said...

sounds good to me

Jeff Paine said...

That'll work.

Jeff Paine said...

As Rxed: 12:56.

The ring dips, while necessary at the track, added a certain unexpected flavor to the WOD.

Nick said...

11:16 as rx'ed. a min better than last time I did this. Good job keeping me motivated J'OB!

George said...

13:00, a minute improvement from last time even with the ring pullups
a good welcome back workout

J. O'B said...

10:45 rx'd. PR by a minute. Done with normal bar pullups. Good job to everyone with the ring pullups.

RW said...

9:12 (w/ ring pull-ups)

Fun having a group at the track this morning.

John McGrady said...

11:53 rx'd

craigrr said...

10:38 w/ring pullups

Great time this morning with Helen at the track. We had 7 show up and just missed Nick and John joining us. It takes a little effort to get down to the track, but I think it's good PR for IronMajor as the track gets high visibility from time to time (especially around APFT time).

When 11-01 gets here it would be good to try to get out there once a week (I'm speaking for the morning crew) to make our presence visible and prehaps recruit.

Info for future use: When doing ring pullups at the track, the best place to do them is behind the bleachers hanging from the top bleachers. You can get 4 x sets of rings on one set of bleachers.

Ray said...

27:00 (yes, 27 as in minutes).

Scaled to 35# KBS and green band pullups.

This sucked. Felt red-lined on the energy level. I've been running in the mornings but didn't expect to be so gassed and slow.

Harney in the afternoon is pretty warm as well.

Still waiting for the improvement factor to set in.

Brian said...

15:58 at the golf coures: down hill for 200m, then 200m back up. 55# Dumbell swings, and bar pullups.