Jun 28, 2010

TUESDAY 100629

Skills: With a 15#KB in each hand, do as many overhead piston pumps (alternating arm overhead press, 2 count) as possible without stopping


"7's Full"
Four rounds for time:
7 Ring Dips
7 Deadlifts (225#/185#)
7 Cleans (135#/115#) (power or squat)
7 Knees to Elbows

Post time to comments. This one's special, just for George's grip!


George said...

thanks for this one, but i'll be out tomorrow taking a rest day before Iron Major on Wed with the Brits.

craigrr said...

9:28 w/power cleans and ankles to bar

I helped with an 'on ramp' class for Stewart's CrossFit Results. Mark was the primary instructor and we had 13 participants. Some had been doing Stewart's program for 1 to 4 months and others were brand new. We covered a lot in one hour. After the class Stewart commented that he was pleased with the immediate technique of some of the athletes. Their mechanics were 100% improved with instruction. We did the squat progression today and will do the presses tomorrow. It was a great opportunity for me to work on my instruction techniques.

monroe said...

Get some George!

I worked on back squats and snatch progression after the on ramp class. I'll get to the 7's this afternoon.

Thanks for the assist Rob, and great work on the WOD!

Latest word on the new facility move in date is 12 July. We have some new equipment coming soon, including ropes!

Brian said...

George, good luck @ Iron major. Will you be showing the colors (IMCF T-shirt)?

~40 piston pumps

7's: 26:48, scaling cleans to 115 part way through 2nd round. Everything else as Rx'd.

Last year (8/24/09), I scaled DL's to 205 1st round, and 185 for the next 2 rounds. I scaled cleans to 95# and ring dips to regular dips, and I only did 3 rounds. It took me 30 min. ICWCABTMD

CrossFit Darwin said...

Hi all - nice to be here, I am the Aussie exchange officer referred to on yesterdays post. I am fixated on mainsite WOD's at the moment - but will still be WODing most mornings and looking to get involved in some coaching etc.

Looking fwd to the new facility.

James Davis

Ray said...

Did 37 KB piston pumps. Fell off the power curve pretty quickly; thought I'd get to 50.

This WOD was much harder than it appeared (theory 1) or I suck (theory 2).

Scaled ring dips to negatives, DL as rx'ed, Cleans to 95#, K2E as rx'ed.

Time 50:23 (!). Wow, I really got tired and lightheaded during the DLs. Totally slowed down during DLs, plus lost time scaling down Cleans from 115# to 95#.

Tough WOD.

CR said...

worked handstands and pistols then
max deadlift. Got 315 which was a 10 pound increase from my last crossfit total.

RDM said...

This WOD was deceptively challenging. 21:30 as Rx'd with one caveat. I had to scale DL down to 205 for 4 reps in 2nd round and 5reps in 4th. Somehow I got through all 7 at 225 during the 1st and 3rd round. I tried to go back at the end of the fourth round to get the 9 more DLs of 225 that I owed... Wasn't gonna happen.

George said...

I'll have my IMCF shirt, hopefully I can show some results. I'm a little worried about the run. This will give me a good baseline to compare for the end of the course competition. I'm looking more for tomorrow as a good WOD.