Jun 21, 2010

TUESDAY 100622

Skills: Shoulder Press
1-1-1-1-1...build to your 1RM

for time, "Kilo"
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of
Front squat (135#/115#)
Knees to Elbows
30 static hold on the rings at the top of the pullup

(for example, the 1st round you'll do 10 Front squats, 10 K2E's, 30 static hold, the 2nd round is 9 Front squats, 9 K2E, 30 sec static hold...etc.)

Post wt/time to comments.


Brian said...

Crap, I forgot about the SP's. I'll make that up later.

KILO: 25:54, w/ front squat scaled to 55#, and too much time spent staring at the rings or bar.

George said...
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George said...

SP: 135, 155, 165 (f), 160, 165 (f)
not bad a 5lb improvement

as RX 30:27, K2E felt better than they have in the past; my grip is still destroyed which slowed me down a lot

Ray said...

I found this looking at an affiliate website near where my wife is from in Ohio. (http://gopractice.typepad.com/practicecrossfit/2010/06/i-train.html)

Thought it was a cool perspective on life in Harney:

When your questioned about where you workout at, what do you say to explain CrossFit? Try some of these the next time someone asks.

-I train in a box. It has walls...sometimes. Sometimes we go outside. Sometimes we meet elsewhere. Its not the location I value, its the people.

-I train in an open space, because bars and my training partners fly everywhere. There is not equipment in the way, only my friends near me as we all struggle together, and are rewarded all the same.

-I train in a warehouse with no air conditioning and big garage doors. If you didn't know where it was, you would never find it. There is no sign outside. The signs of training are all inside, working, or helping one another.

-I train where advertising is sacrilege. I train where I am a walking advertisement.

-I train with people I truly enjoy, and would do anything for, not where I need to put ear phones in to block out all the annoying banter. When we go, we hear yells, trainers instructing, or loud ass music making us go even harder...not elevator bullshit. Real music.

-I train in a place where if I am negative, I will be addressed by at least one person about my stupid ass attitude, and if I am unlucky enough on that day, I may be asked to leave, and come back when Im better, because I am effecting the core by my stupid ass baggage that is meant to be burned at the door.

-I train where if I want to keep my shirt on I can....but there are no rules saying I have to. Where I train if someone disrobes to any level, wears short ass shorts, or is quasi naked after a WOD thats fine...no attention will be paid, because its all about the training, not about meat markets. If you want a pick up joint, look elsewhere.

-I train where Im valued and truly appreciate for showing up and putting forth true, real, demanding effort.

-I train where I am judged on my movements and attitude everyday. Not because my friends are assholes, because they truly want to make me better at life, and want success for me not injury. A piss poor performance means someone will care enough to help me make it better, and find out why it happened to begin with.

Brian said...

10 less than 1rm on SO, not bad after the rest of the sod.

Jen B said...

SP: 65, 75, 75, 75, 80

kilo: 16:08
scaled squats to 65# I had some wicked
bad quad soreness after doing wall balls
last week-- didn't want a repeat of that!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

great stuff Ray!

Ray said...

Accidentally did Front Squat for Skills instead of Shoulder Press.

However, did 135-140-145-150(2x)-155 on FS. Last PR for FS was 135#, so I PR'ed by 20# and actually felt I could have done more. At this point, I realized I should have been doing SP so I did a few: 115-120-125.

I generally was short on time as I had my MBA class in the evening, so I had to stop at the 7 rep round on Kilo.

Did 10-9-8-7 and stopped. Time 31:10. Scaled FS down from 135 to 115 after 1st (10 rep) round.

Also, WRT the long post earlier this page, the What is CrossFit thing is only a portion. See the link for the whole thing. It was a little long-- sorry for clobbering the page!

craigrr said...

Made this up on Wed 23 June 10:

20:11; did knees to bar instead of elbow; I was able to hold pull up osition for 20 to 15 sec of the 30 sec