Jun 14, 2010

TUESDAY 100615

Skills: 3 running drills (from CFE cert), this video has a couple (the jump rope drill is a variation of Drill one
1) Jump Rope Drill (with no rope): ball of foot hops with with forward lean for 30m: bounce on balls of feet, lean forward at the ankle, no bending at the waist. Use the gravity generated from your lean to regulate your speed. The steeper the lean (at the feet/ankles!) the faster you'll move
2) wall drill: 3 x 20 reps on each leg: Stand straight with head on spine line and hips straight, approximately 6" from a wall. Feet should be shoulder width with weight on balls, and knees slightly bent. Pull foot straight up, into figure four position, and place back down on the ball of the foot. Complete 20 reps and then switch feet.
3) Forward lunge (exaggerated foot pulls on one side) 3 x 10 each leg. Start on track and running in place, focusing on pulling your straight up. Lean forward to generate momentum, and pull either right or left leg all the way up until your foot almost touches your butt. Repeat 10 times then switch legs.

Four rounds for time of
run 400m
50 squats


George said...

a little late, but i'll be at the track at 530

George said...


a little iffy on the pose, definitely will need to work on it. i focused on foot turnover on my last lap and my pace went from an 2:20 to 1:45 according to my garmin. i don't know if it was placebo or just the effort of faster feet

bonus 400m: 1:24, thanks for the extra push Ryan and rob

craigrr said...

12:11 as Rx'd

Was able to hold a pose run until about 150m to 200m of each iteration.

GTH said...

Hey folks, we're back...well, we finally got our net up and running in NC. For those headed this way, Bragg has a huuuuge CF gym (Tucker Gym), though I was disappointed to find they don't have any rings. They do have about 20 rowers, though, so there's no waiting on those! Shannon and I intend to continue on with Iron Major CF as long as the programming stays as good as it has over the past year. In that spirit....

Substituted 400m row for the run:

RW said...

Glen - great to hear from you! Glad to hear the Tucker Gym is a legitimate crossfit gym. I had heard mixed reviews.

11:30 rxd

bonus 400m - 1:05

Brian said...

I am working on strengthening my feet- I ran this barefoot for the 1st time, so intentionally slow so as to not hurt myself. 17:10
Form felt good- barefoot tends to enforce that.