Jun 30, 2010


For wt.

Overhead Squat (OHS)
These are not sets across, build to your 1RM

Post wt. to comments.


chad.rambo said...

1 mile warm up run

4 x sets of: 5 hanging power cleans, 10 double unders and 15 wallball push (basketball chest pass against wall).

More difficult than I thought it would be. I started the HPC's at 135 but by the second round new that wasn't going to work and scaled to 115. Time of 5:45

Finished with CFE workout of 7 x 1 min run w/30 sec recovery between.

Jen B said...

Nice long warm up then

I've been trying to get access to the CF Journal on line. I remember hearing that we have a one year subscription included with the Level 1 cert. Does anyone know how to access that? If so, could you help a sister out?

Happy Independence Day!!

George said...


capped out due to form issues, thanks for the coaching Rob

Congrats to Jimmy who also did the Iron Major yesterday

@Jen, I had an email from when I did the cert that gave me a password to extend my subscription to the CF Journal.

craigrr said...

OHS = 135, 145, 155, 165, 165

With my heavier weights I tend to lean forward coming back up, thus doing work on my toes. I use a flat wrestling shoe to lift. I might try to use a 5lb weight under my heels...any suggestions?

Jen, I went to the same Level I as you did. I didn't activate my journal subscription until about a month later. I couldn't remember how to do it so I sent an e-mail(reply) to CF HQ using the same e-mail address that registered me for the Level I. I don't remember what they told me to do to get a login and password, but it didn't take long. I sent the e-mail to Deana, Events@regonline.com and explained what I wanted.

Jen B said...

Thanks for the info guys.

monroe said...

Shoes shouldn't be the focus. Likely culprits are immobility of your thoracic spine, tight hammies, and maybe lack of ankle flexibility. At lighter weights you can overcome some forward inclination of the torso. With any lift, there is an orthopedic/biomechanical ideal position from which maximal force can be produced and sustained. OHS, and oly lify, is different from the back squat in that the torso must remain upright as possible to sustain the load. This means your butt will have to be closer to your ankles, and your knees further forward as a result.
IOW, Best Fit Positioning is dependent on your capacity to achieve optimal set up and driven by task positioning and external environmental demands.
The cue I would give you is "Chest" meaning lead with your chest from the bottom of the squat.

Ray said...

Completed on Saturday, 3 July.


OHS still one of my worst events, although the 65# is a 10 lb PR over all previous efforts.

Thanks to Chad for the coaching.