Jun 9, 2010


Skills: HSPU on the parallettes! Work for max unbroken reps


Row 3k/Run 2 miles for time

Post number of reps and time to comments.


Jeff Paine said...

HSPU on parallettes: 1 questionable rep. These are a lot harder than they look!

Row 3k: 11:53.9.

RW said...

Zero HSPU on the parallettes

Row 3K- 10:43

500m avg = 1:47

George said...

got my first muscle-up this morning!! thanks for the coaching RW.

didn't try HSPU with parallettes, stuck to doing 3 sets of 2 against the wall.

Row 3k: 12:00

Jeff Paine said...

As of tomorrow morning, George Coleman will be taking over Beyond the Whiteboard for Iron Major. Anyone not already using it, it is a great tool for tracking your progress. If interested, check out

Disclaimer - The U.S. Government, Army, Fort Leavenworth, and CGSC do not sponsor or endorse this site. I have just found it personally useful.

Jeff Paine said...

And George - great job on the muscle up this morning!

J. O'B said...

make-up for tuesday

Brian said...

I am sorry I won't be able to make it to Mark's instruction this afternoon.

To all those about to graduate: thank you for your motivation and support. I've enjoyed getting to know many of you. Good luck.

craigrr said...

5 HSPU on the parellettes

3km row = 11:22

I attended Mark's class this afternoon on mobility and recovery. It was well done and I can incoroprate aspects of it immediately. We really appreciate Mark's time, effort, and willingness to do these seminars.

monroe said...

2 reps on parallets
rowed 3k, 12:12

C.L. said...

Continued working on double unders and made up Helen from yesterday: 10:29
- My runs were somewhere between 525-550m instead of the rx'd 400m (serves me right for guessing)

J. O'B said...

I used a pace boat on the computer. I think it helped.

John McGrady said...

2 HSPU with parralettes. 12:10 row.