Jun 27, 2010

MONDAY 100628

5 Rounds For time:
10 Sumo Deadlift Highpulls (SDHP) (115#/95#)
10 Knees to ankles (K2E)

Post time to comments. Enjoy!


craigrr said...

8:31 w/knees to bar instead of K2E

Met James in the gym this morning; Australian exchange officer with class 11-01. Hopefully we'll get him to start posting and interacting with IronMajor.

George said...

9:40; knees mostly up to my elbows; my grip is still detsroyed from last week

Brian said...

1600 is hot!!!

12:21 as Rx'd
Splits show a bad trend:
1:30,2:13,2:38,2:40,3:19 ugh...