Jun 20, 2010

MONDAY 100621


For time:
25 pullups
50 deadlifts (135#/115#)
50 pushups
50 box jumps (24"/20")
50 floor wipers (135#/115#)
50 KB Clean and press (KB must touch floor between reps, 35#KB)
25 pullups

Post time to comments. Class 10-2 WHERE YOU AT?? This is your CrossFit community!


Jimmyk said...

As RX'd. 29:15. Excellent workout after three weeks off. Uncle Puky was knockin' at the door.

George said...

10-02 in force this morning
as RXed 22:32
my grip died early either from Barbara on Friday or helping Rob do a 3,000lb gun safe clean

Brian said...

I assumed 2 count floor wipers, and 1 KB/arm for the C&J, was that right?

Last time I did this one was in Gruber, and it was still CrossFit Dodgeball. I had to scale most everything on that 1st effort.

Ray said...

Another tough late afternoon WOD.

47 min.

Scaled to green band pullups (1st 25) then ring pullups (last 25).
Scaled to 20 lb KB for KC C & P for reps 40-50. Did 2 KB together vice 1 KB per arm.
Scaled to 20" box.
Did 2 count wipers.

Jen B said...

used band for pullups after the first 5 of each set
I scaled DL to 95#
and I subbed GHD situps for wipers after
the first 10 b/c they were irritating my back
I used a 20# KB

This one kicked my butt...good WOD!