Jun 24, 2010

FRIDAY 100625

For time:
10 Push Presses (135#/115#)
20 Pullups
3 Turkish Get ups (TGU), (55#/35#, 3 each side!)
15 Push Presses (135#/115#)
15 Pullups
3 TGUs (each side!) (55#/35#)
20 Push Presses (135#/115#)
10 Pullups
3 TGUs (each side!) (55#/35#)

Scale as appropriate. See 100526 for videos on the TGU if you are new to it. In fact, if you've never done TGUs before, work the technique before you do the WOD.

Post time to comments. Enjoy!


Jimmyk said...

Push Press - Dropped weight twice
Pull Ups - as RX'd
TGUs - First set at 55, rest at 35

craigrr said...

17:16 as Rx'd

TGU were difficult; watching the links posted last night and practicing them at home with no weight was very helpful
PP was more difficult than anticpated; I did the first 10 non-stop; for the other rounds I did sets of 5

Brian said...

Scaled PP to 115 after 1st round.
Scaled TGU to 20.

I think I should have scaled PP more for intensity, and increased the wt on the TGU's.

George said...

scaled TGU to 35

heat at lunch was a killer; need to make sure I don't have any more catastrophic alarm failures at 0500

good to meet Jen

Jen B said...

Scaled push press to 65#
used band for pullups
Scaled TGU to 20#

This one was killer! Rough week for my hands :(

Hey George! Good meeting you too...