Jun 17, 2010

FRIDAY 100618


For time, 5 rounds of:
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats

Rest 3 min between each round.

Post total time to comments.


C.L. said...

Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to IMCF. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to get in this week with trying to wrap everything up around here before we get out of town. I did want to thank everyone, especially Dave, Damon, Pat, Ryan, Mark, Jamie, Jeff, Phil, and John, for what has been a life-changing 9 months for me since I started CF in October for the study. CF has introduced me to a whole new perspective on fitness and physical and emotional well-being that is extremely effective but yet so simple. I will continue to spread the word. If you're ever out in San Diego, look me up. I'll be working with CrossFit Miramar. Thanks again to everybody. Semper Fidelis!!

Ray said...

Best of luck, CL. I am only 4.5 months in but totally agree with your comments. Great bunch of fellas here at IMCF and lifechanging fitness regimen. Be safe.

The bad news today is, of course, Barbara. This might be a come into Harney on Saturday type of WOD for me. Ugh.

craigrr said...

32:05 as Rx'd

Hot and stuffy in the gym this morning. Great push from Ryan and George this morning.

monroe said...

CL, great having you aboard. Good luck back in the fleet, and keep in touch. Semper fi

I'm TDY all next week. See you all when I get back. Wanted to pass along that we are getting some new equipment with the new facility. Tom Weafer persuaded G8 to get two more C2's, more power racks and some other fun stuff. Take the time to send him a note of thanks.

GTH said...

Apparently I need to read the WODs more closely. I did Barbara as rx'd, or so I thought.....5 RFT straight through. She nearly broke me. 28:31. Then I went back and read that I was supposed to take a rest between each round. Probably would've helped a bit.....

George said...

38:25 as RX
good luck luck to everyone as you move on to bigger and better things. have a safe drive.

RW said...

33:21 (20 sec of last time)

Ray said...

Waited until Sunday AM to do Barbara, as this was horrible the first time I did it back in February. Here were my comments then:

Outcome: weak, pathetic, anemic showing today.
Could only do 2 reps, doing scaled down pullups. Right hip flexor hurting as I probably didn't stretch enough- some decent pain in hip doing situps and pushups. Took me 16 min for round 1, 14 min for round 2. Sad.

Totally worn out for this effort. Hope to do much better (a least 4 of 5 reps) next time I see Barbara.

The other CrossFit junkies in Harney Gym today averaged doing the full drill in 30-40 minutes. I totally suck at this, but will keep at it.

Well, evidently not much has changed. Made my way through 3 rounds at 35:04 but had to stop as Uncle Pukey was knocking on the door. This drill must be my kryptonite-- it is far worse than any other WOD for me. Sad to say, my goal is to get thru at least 4 rounds next time thru.