Jun 10, 2010

FRIDAY 100611

Time to put all that snatch work last month to the test! Congratulations to CGSC Class 10-1! You guys really took the community and blew it up! Thanks to everyone's hard work, support for various events, and commitment to get better. Don't be a stranger and hit the road with what you've learned.

Also, Ryan posted the always requested CrossFit study from last fall. Hot off the press, it's absolutely worth checking out. It's posted under the "What's new tab" on the right.

Now...back to work!

For time:
30 snatches, 135# (snatches may be power snatches, Scale as appropriate! Don't be a hero! Use a coach if possible)

Post time to comments.


Jeff Paine said...

Scaled to 115# - 8:17

Good times. I will definitely miss the community hear as we head out. I guess it is up to me, Russ, and J. Bell to build it up in Colorado.

George said...

scaled to 105# - 5:36, should have gone to 115 or 125

RW said...

11:02 rxd

Reset after each rep, probably could have "gripped and ripped" a little more.

Thanks to Mark for a great class yesterday.

To everyone taking off today, good luck it has been a great year training together. I don't leave until next Friday so hopefully I will get another week working out with the morning crew.

Michael said...


Thanks for a great year of training. I learned a lot and had fun getting to know everyone...even at 0530 in the AM.

Congrats to everyone graduating today. I've been inprocessing this week and did my first day of PT with my battalion rear det this AM. I was a little scared after Dave's email a few months back, but this morning made me feel a lot better. Our battalion apparently went through a Crossfit phase and now they are on a military athlete.com kick. I'm going to have to check that program out and see what it is all about, but I am happy to report that my initial experience is good here. The battalion has set up a gym in the basement of the barracks that has most things you would need for crossfit, although they took the rings forward. All in all, my experiences so far are pretty encouraging as far as the fitness of the force goes, and I hope that more of you have similar experiences.

Thanks again to everyone for all the coaching, motivating, and comraderie over the past 10 months, and I look forward to keeping in touch and or bumping into everyone on down the road. All the best.

John McGrady said...

Scaled to 115# 4:02. Rx’d next time. This was a good confidence builder.

I’d like to give my thanks to the Ironmajor community. I have received so much from Ironmajor at the mere cost of my work in the gym. I’m the most physically fit since I was wrestling, improved my APFT, received an AAP credit, found a good diet (lost 15 lbs.), was welcomed into a genuine community, completed a level I cert., and feel better every day.

I can’t wait to get out there and return the favor. I feel prepared to tackle the challenges associated with improving physical fitness in my organization, and I can’t wait to do so.

Many thanks to Ironmajor, COL Monroe, Ryan, Jeff, Jaime, C.L., J’OB, Nick, and everyone else who has helped me get here!

craigrr said...

Scaled to 115# - 5:59

I over estimated the work out;I should not have scaled. While warming up I was struggling with snatch technique, GREATLY! It got to my head and so I scaled. By the time I was at 15 reps my technique was as good as it usually is (it still needs much work) and I realized I should not have scaled. Disappointing day.