May 11, 2010


Start with the Burgener Warmup
then execute the snatch skill transfer exercises:
1. Snatch push-press (bar is racked in back squat posn, feet are in jump position)
2. OHS (feet are in landing position)
3. Pressing Snatch Balance (feet in landing position), this is a slow controlled movement, where you are pressing your body under the bar, attempting to keep it level while you press down
4. Heaving Snatch Balance (feet in landing position), more explosive than above
5. Snatch Balance (jump and land, speed through the middle)
If possible, find someone who went to the Oly cert for some coaching

2 x Back squat (@85% 1RM) every minute on the minute for 15 min's. Post weight to comments. Enjoy!


Jeff Paine said...

Did Snatch Skill Transfer Progression at 65#.

Squat racks were at a premium today, so I continued to work snatch and snatch balance, alternating between the two for a couplet.
Snatch/Snatch Balance - 1/1-1/1-1/1-1/1-1/1
85, 95, 115, 115, 115 (f on SB).

C.L. said...
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C.L. said...

Spent some extra time on Burgener warm-up:
- 2x w/ PVC, 2x w/ 15# bar, 2x w/ 45# bar
Worked thru snatch progression twice:
- Had coordination and balance problems in all 5 areas for some reason
Back squats = 250# as rx'd
- 1RM is 305 so 85% is closer to 260; stuck with 250 to concentrate on form

John McGrady said...

Did the Burgener warm-up w/ bar. Thanks to Nick for the coaching.

1RM is 295- so 233 would be 85%. Did first five w/ 235, then was able to complete through the 13th set with 225. Failed in the 14th minute. That was WAY tougher than I expected.

Nick said...

Did the Burgner warmup
2x pvc

Worked the Skill transfer progression

Worked the WOD at 205. I agree with John mc. this was way tougher than I expected

RW said...

Front Squat @ 195lbs for all 15 minutes

craigrr said...

Used 225, while it was challenging I never got to close to failure; I was unsure of 1RM and underestimated.

Made up last Thursday's WOD

BP 225, 225, 225, 225(f5), 205
150 push ups = 8:42 w/350m of penalty

JPSE said...

WU with 2ea @ #135, 185, 225, 255
then did 255 across for 15 mins. Should have been at 267ish however, my legs are feeling 255 sufficiently today!

Russ said...

Snatch Skills at 25, then 45 lbs

Squats at 235
(for 1RM 280, 85% = 238)

J. O'B said...

Make-up on 15MAY