May 31, 2010

TUESDAY 100601

21-15-9 Reps for time of
Thrusters (95#)

Post time to comments. Enjoy!


Jeff Paine said...

Scaled thrusters to 75# for intensity (all part of the master plan).

Time: 5:39. PR (at 75#) by 1:57. Will go to 85# once I break 5 minutes.

RW said...

4:04 rxd (PR by 10 sec)

Thanks to Jeff and Rob for the encouragement.

More importantly got to see Rob absolutely crush Fran with a 3:35. Unbelievable! I am trying to decide if it should make me proud or demoralized that the guy I helped introduce to CrossFit less than a year ago now beats me at every WOD.

Oh and Rob, the guy from my highschool that played quaterback at Army from 1987-1990 was Brian McWilliams.

C.L. said...

3:59 as rx'd
- PR by 35 sec since middle of April. Went through first 21 thrusters and pull-ups non-stop. Needed 2 breaks during round of 15s and 1 break during round of 9s. Probably should have paced more during the 21s.
- Old Man Rob - That's awesome!!

craigrr said...

3:35 as Rx'd; PR by 1:26; broke once on thrusters on Rd 2 on #12; not breaking pull ups throughout helped with time; thanks to Jeff and Ryan for the push; will definitely miss the morning crew after the exodus

My oldest wanted to run when I got home; did 2 miles (light run) around golf course

John McGrady said...

7:20 PR by a minute
I heard Russell Berger whispering in my ear to go lower on every single thruster. I also probably need to pace better on the 1st set of thrusters.

Jeff Paine said...

Ryan - you watching Rob is like the rest of us watching you. . . now you know how we feel! Motivating, inspiring, and somewhat demoralizing at the same time.

Wayne L said...


bested my time from April by almost 3 minutes. This WOD still sucks!

Ray said...

First day back after almost 10 days without a CF WOD and I was welcomed back by Fran. Totally blows. Hard WOD!

Harney was pretty warm at 1530 (that's my excuse) and I was huffing and puffing throughout.

Time 25:08
Scaled to 80# thrusters and green band pullups.

Still very much a novice after I was kidding myself I was doing better. Not complaining-- Fran just kicked my butt.

Phil B said...

you guys are incredible! Rob, seriously!? rediculous!

monroe said...

7:00 of pure suck. Well, at least the pullups were unbroken.
Pre: I worked on OHS with KB's. Saw a hereo work out from the mainpage that rxd 2 pood OHS. I got up to 55. Humbling.
Rob, you motivate me!

George said...

wow, i'm missing a killer week. i read how everyone did this morning as my wife and father-in-law were out picking up some donuts for breakfast...paleo diet out the window for the week. i might have to do two-a-days to make up for this when i get back.

J. O'B said...

6:25 (PR by 1:58 from 2JAN)

Nick said...

a weeks break and eating like crap..

rx'ed at 9:50.. ughh.. back to the grind

Michael said...

Did this in the evening, but slow to post...

4:43 as RXd (PR by 42 sec)

felt pretty good, but not as good as Rob, although I only had one broken set as well...I suspect the difference was between exercises...