May 24, 2010

TUESDAY 100525

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of
chest to bar pullups (chest to bar, not chin!)
box jumps 30"
GHD situps

Post time to comments.


Jeff Paine said...

As Rxed: 14:34.

Russ said...

As RXd, except for reverse-grip (aka chinups) to favor an injury, 12:40-ish. didn't have watch.

Got my Level I certificate yesterday as well.

Michael said...

with ring pullups
felt pretty good, but I feel like the ring pullups should have slowed me down more, so it is possible I missed a round...I'm really good at counting in the middle of workouts.

RW said...

11:42 rxd

Brian said...

17:44 with Pullups as the clear weak link. Most were not chest to bar.

Wayne L said...


was struggling to keep going chest to bar after the first 2 rounds

Jeff said...

First 15; and last 3 P/U dead hang

John McGrady said...


C.L. said...

10:24 as rx'd

- Also worked on double unders before the WOD. Thanks for the coaching, John.

JPSE said...

CFWU - row/pull-ups + JR SU/DU work and 7 MUs

WOD as rx'd - 14:18
Cummulative shitty nutrition from last night through today just crushed me.......thanks movers!

Mark - when will you be at the gym this week so I can return your Paleo book? Or I can bring it by your office. Let me know. Thanks.