May 17, 2010

TUESDAY 100518

Skill: Snatch Progression
Start with the Burgener Warmup
then execute the snatch skill transfer exercises:
1. Snatch push-press (bar is racked in back squat posn, feet are in jump position)
2. OHS (feet are in landing position)
3. Pressing Snatch Balance (feet in landing position), this is a slow controlled movement, where you are pressing your body under the bar, attempting to keep it level while you press down
4. Heaving Snatch Balance (feet in landing position), more explosive than above
5. Snatch Balance (jump and land, speed through the middle)
If possible, find someone who went to the Oly cert for some coaching


7 Rounds for time:
3 x Front Squat (185#/155#)
7 L-pullups

Post time to comments.


GTH said...

Did one round at 185#, then had to scale to 165#.


Gary said...

Scaled to 155#

craigrr said...

8:49 as Rx'd
FS is getting better everytime and I'm happy with the progress; L-sit were difficult today; did them all but was not easy; I think it was hang over from yesterday's WOD. I appreciated the WOD being posted at 20:38 instead of later, it makes a big difference.

John McGrady said...

Scaled to 165.

Shannon said...


Had to scale FS to 65.
Forearms were smoked from yesterday and were the weak link in my pull-ups

Mike said...

13:20, scaled to 155

Ray said...

Scaled to 135# (PR by 20#)

Scaled to green band pullups


Jeff said...

1,2 round 155#
3-7 rounds 135#
Legs tight after yesterday

JPSE said...

CPWU + Burgener WU and Snatch Progression

WOD as rx'd -
Pull ups were the slow down - like Rob said, maybe it was "DT" that slowed us down.......I probably could have been in the 8 min range, we'll see next time.

Russ said...

(done on 5/19) 13:13 as RXd
-too much resting all around