May 26, 2010


Yes! It's time!
Warmup...the Burgener Warmup of course!
The Burgener Warmup
1) Down and up - focusing on power in the middle
2) Down and up with elbows high and out - keeps bar close to body
3) the Muscle snatch - focusing on rapid turnover
4) Snatch lands - Focus on footwork, jumping to landing position - work your landing from 2", down to 4", then down to 6", PVC is OH
5) Hang Power Snatches



these are not sets across, but build to your 1RM.

Post wt. to comments


Jeff Paine said...

Snatch SKill Transfer Progression - all exercise 5 reps @ 75#

115, 125, 135, 135 (f), 135 (f), 115, 115, 115

Form is getting better and I am "finishing" more aggressively.

Michael said...

95, 115, 125, 135, 145 (f) stop...

I should have been able to get 145, I think I just got in a hurry and wasn't properly focused.

George said...

75, 135, 135, 135, 150(f), 150(f)

then 3 sets of 5 @75 for skill work

craigrr said...

Made up Diane, posted on Monday's WOD

95, 115, 125, 135, 135, 135

Didn't increase as form was not consistent.

John McGrady said...

missed the part about building.

C.L. said...

Did the Marine Corps PFT this morning. Just another plug for the cardio/respiratory endurance and stamina that CrossFit builds. I've done very little running on my own since starting CF in October (not more than 8-10 CFE workouts - mostly the interval workouts) other than what's involved in the daily WODs. This morning I ran my 3 miles in 20:04. I actually thought my watch was wrong when I looked at the time at the end of the run. I was a doubter and skeptic at first regarding the need for doing cardio in addition to normal WODs; I am no longer.

In addition, while I am by no means a pose runner, I did think about its concepts while I was running and tried to use a quicker cycle time for my steps while allowing gravity to provide most of the forward movement. In my opinion, consciously thinking about this helped me with the run. The time for my second 1.5 miles was only :14 slower than the first 1.5 miles. When I got tired and started using more of a heel strike, I could feel my forward momentum being slowed. I am planning on trying to move completely to the pose style.

Just my thoughts for what they're worth...

RW said...

75, 95, 115, 135, 145 (poor form), 135 x 6-8, 145, 150

Started getting better in terms of form by the end of the workout. Think I could have gotten higher than 150 with more time today.

Thanks to Rob and Jeff for some good coaching. It is nice to have some Oly cert trained guys on our team.

J. O'B said...

With my remaining time here I will be doing some of my own programming. There are several specific WODs that I want to do to capture my progress over the last 9 months and I also want to start an introductory cycle of Crossfit Strength Bias.

Today's WOD - "Karen" (150 wallballs 20#)
8:04.5 (compare to 11:01 on 29SEP)

Russ said...

65-75-95 x 3

First ever effort at a full-up snatch due to favoring bad shoulders. Shoulders no issues. But knees turning in on the catch, and feet too wide. All mental.