May 5, 2010


Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5 (these are sets across!)


For time:
150 Pushups (chest to ground, NOT the typical "officer" pushups seen in area APFT's)
*sprint 50m each time you rest (when your knees touch the ground). Time ends when your pushups and sprints are done.

Post time to comments.


J. O'B said...

At the Train The Trainer session, Mark mentioned the Level 2 study materials. They have been taken off the Main Site FAQs but I was able to find them on this old registration page:
Just hit the "Study Material" link.

Rage Peterson said...

Wow, great chest expansion workout. Bench Press: 5-5-5-5-5 at 195lbs. 8:17 time for 150 pushups plus 500m run.

Nick said...

for my bench..

Pushups time 9:22 with 300 m run.

Then did an extra 300 m with Russ to pay for the sonic treat I had last night

Russ said...

BP: 215 across

Pushups = 8:54 with 7 x penalty sprints (~350m)

Good luck to all of you on Saturday. We'll be hunting for houses in Colorado.

(Homer) "Mmmmmmm....Sonic."

GTH said...

Worked up to my 5 rep max, but couldn't maintain it across the sets. Should have taken longer rest in between, but we were short on time.

Pushups - 10:42

Didn't view sprints as penalties, but rather a chance to rest. Worked a set of 25, then sets of 10 up to 100, then sets of 5 the rest of the way. (so I guess that's 17 penalty sprints)

Jeff Paine said...

Did 185lbs across all 5 sets.

Did 150 pushups +400m in 11:50, but I let myself be distracted and engage in conversation, extending my rest breaks a little bit.

John McGrady said...

185# across on bench
5:59 and ran 300m

Wayne L said...

185# across

6:22 with 400m

C.L. said...

Made up yesterday's WOD:
- Burgener warm-up and snatch skill exercises as rx'd. Still working form.
- Thrusters = 145, 155, 160, 165, 175, 180 (f on 3rd rep - couldn't lock arms out), 175, 180 (f on 2nd rep - failure)

Shannon said...

Bench Press:
1: 120
2: 120
3: 120 (needed spot on #5)
4: 120 (needed spot on #5)
5: 120 (needed spot on #5)

Probably should have rested longer in between but was in a time crunch.

Pushups: 10:19 (15 sprints, and I definitely needed the rest time for my shoulders)

Ray said...

Bench Press:

Time 14:17 for 150 pushups

20-10-10-15-10-10-10-10-10-20-10-10-5 for a total of 12 penalties and 600 m run.

Chest and arms crushed.

JPSE said...

Warm-up CFWU +5MU's/10GHD's - row+100 SU's jump rope
Good WOD -
BP - warm-up 5ea @ 135-185-205-225
then 225-225-225-225-220

9:47 for push-ups with 250m sprint.

RW said...

Did 205 across on bench

7:30 for the WOD with only 125 push-ups

craigrr said...

Made this one up on 12 May with Mike Wagner

BP = 225, 225, 225, 225(f5), 205

METCON = 8:42 w/350m penalties