May 15, 2010


Rest, make up WODs as needed. A few people have asked me about local opportunities to get quality food, since we try and stick to a Paleo diet (as much as possible with kids). There are a few local farms that provide quality meat, and eggs, etc. There are also some area farms that you can get involved in that provide veggies and fruit. If our community is interested, I'd be happy to put those links up in our "Friends" section so you can refer to them when you'd like.


D_E_K said...

There is also the Leaveworth Farmer's Market Wed 1500-1800 and Sat 0700-1000. market square on 7th Street. Produce is starting to come in, there is an excellent pork producer, and a couple of guys selling good beef. I got some cow that was raised like a mile from my house, and it was awesome. Get there early for the best selection! We missed a lot of the greens today.

Russ said...

Made up Thursday WOD..posted there. What a butt kicker!