May 7, 2010


If you're able, come out and support your affiliate's athletes tomorrow morning at the Affiliate competition/get together. 0900-1100, 6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd, KCMO up WODs


Michael said...

Good times were had down at the police academy.

Thanks COL Monroe & Phil for setting this event up & good work by all participants.

Nancy - 14:52
Running Bear with Rob Craig (4 rnds ea) - 11:44 (14:24 - 4:40 credit for 56 bear complexes completed) This was definitely a little more challenging that the 2 rnds we did last week, but I felt pretty good. Maybe it was the Nancy warmup...

George said...

I agre with Mike, great time this morning. it was good to see some of the families out as well. I know my wife and kids had a good time. I'm definetly in for next time. thanks COL Monroe and Phil.

Nancy: 17:30 (I think)
scaled to 75# for 4 rds, then 45# for the last rd

Running Bear: no idea, but I had 23 total bear complexes @ 75#

As my wife said, I looked like I was barely managing a slow walk for laps.

J. O'B said...
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J. O'B said...

Same here. Had a great time and enjoyed the change of scenery.

Nancy - 16:12 (faster per round pace than the 3 rd Nancy back in Mar)

Running Bear with John McGrady - 17:40 raw time. We did 45 bear complexes so whatever that time credit works out to be.

craigrr said...

What a great event; thanks to those who set it up and those who participated. I wish we would have had one of these earlier.

IDEA: I think that a couple of weeks after a Foundations class we should host one of these as a recruiting (for new participants) and retaining (for those who are experimenting with CrossFit)event. It may be too late for the Foundations class this coming week, but I think I could have had at least five members of my small group that would have come out for an event after the Fall and Winter Foundation classes. I think an IronMajor late summer comp (Sep 10) and winter comp (Feb 11) for Class 11-1 and 11-2 could help our recruiting and retaining here at IronMajor.

Nancy - 13:40
Running Bear with Mike Wagner - 11:44 (14:24 w/4:40 credit for 56 bear complexes).

John McGrady said...

Nancy was at 16:49- 10 second faster than the three round version in march. I'm pretty happy about that. It's also nice to have a real track when you do your 400m sprint.

Had a great time just like everybody else. Agree with Rob- a couple of competitions like this would definitely help recruit/retain crossfitters. Can't wait for the next one!

Michael said...

Just a suggestion for a later competition. I think having a little lunch BBQ of some sort would be good so we could have a little time to socialize.

Ray said...


Great effort and spirit today!!

I was not ready for prime time today but was inspired and motivated by your efforts.

My wife Lauren and son enjoyed the competition.

Well done. You guys were outstanding ambassadors for Iron Major Crossfit. BZ to COL Monroe and Phil.

J. O'B said...

Last year, IronMajor ran Fight Gone Bad IV on 26 SEP, a little over two weeks after a Foundations Class and I think had some success with it in terms of retention. I think Fight Gone Bad V should be targeted as an opportunity for promotion and retention. With little additional work I think it could be very effective.

George said...

I agree that a putting something like this locally after a foundation class would keep people interested. I especially like the BBQ after.
I'm up to help plan/organize something before the 10-1 crew gets out of here we think there is time. I know 10-2's summer leave is memorial day and 10-1s graduation is shortly after. What about something the Friday of the Memorial Day weekend?

J. O'B said...

10-01 is off the Friday of Memorial Weekend so Thursday might be a better day. Either way I'm game.

J. O'B said...

PS - I'm still very sore especially in the quads.

George said...

10-2 is off Friday as well, but we close out C603 Thursday which is scheduled to go to 1530 (at least for my SG)

Late Thursday afternoon with an evening BBQ?

My legs are sore enough that I almost fell down my stairs this morning, no excuse.

craigrr said...

I'm not sure how much support we can get for a Thursday evening event, but I'm avaliable to participate and help set up (I can't do it Friday). Even if it's a small event it will a) be a great workout and b) will give us experience for the next one.