May 23, 2010

MONDAY 100524

Skills: One legged squats, go for max unbroken reps


21-15-9 reps of
Deadlift 225

Post time to comments.


Jeff Paine said...

As Rxed: 12:24. PR of 1:10 and +40 lbs on DL from last time.

HSPUs still take me a long time. I was able to do full head to the floor until the last 4 reps of round 2 and all of the 3rd round.

Russ said...

Nice time Jeff.

14:34 as RX'd (PR) Improved 5:16 from OCT 09.

Compare this WOD to 29 OCT 09 for reference. One before that was 9 SEP 09.

John McGrady said...

9:48 rx'd over 2 minutes slower, but last time used bands. I started losing depth in the last round.

I was surprised at how "easy" the D/Ls were compared to my scaled McGhee- when I was completely crushed by only 5 more D/Ls at the same weight.

Going head to head w/ CL is also a good motivator.

C.L. said...

One-legged squats = not so much. Still working on balance and coordination.

WOD = 7:43 as rx'd
- Huge improvement over last time in October! PR by over 4 minutes (last time was 12:04) and first time with rx'd weight (last time was 185# halfway through).

Worked on Burgener warm-up and clean form for about 15 minutes after the WOD concentrating on the points that were discussed on Saturday.

RW said...

15:01 with blue bands after 1st round

JPSE said...

CFWU - w/JU - SU&DU work (I need it.)
One-legged squats
R - 12
L - 10 1/2

WOD as rx'd - 7:44

Jeff said...

RX'd weight
HSPU using racked barbell

Brian said...

Wow, after about 2 weeks off (resp infection), it felt good to work out today. Full CFWU, no unsupported 1 leg squats, Many successful but single HSPU's, and 21-15-9 DL's at 225. I think I can do this one as Rx'd next time.

J. O'B said...

Rx'd except for 2nd round of HSPU which I did with bands (green and blue)

J. O'B said...
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craigrr said...

7:10 as Rx'd