May 16, 2010

MONDAY 100516


5 Rounds for time (RFT)
12 x Deadlift (155/115)
9 x Hang Power Cleans (155/115)
6 x Push Jerk (155/115)

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Compare to 091110


Jeff Paine said...

Scaled to 135#. Finished in 18:23 - PR by 3:58.

Michael said...

I went down to the airfield this AM and did most of the Iron Major competition tasks (minus dummy and crabwalk - b/c I didn't have a dummy and didn't feel like getting too filthy in the mud)

strict pullups - 22 (new PR)
ankles to bar - 21
4.6 mi run - 33:57

really happy with the run especially with the rain. I have been harboring some doubts for several months about the effectiveness of the Crossfit methodology to develop CRE and how that would effect my running. Today helped to dispel most of those hidden doubts. I haven't run that far since the fall, and even with the rain and mud (the middle 3 miles of the course is mostly dirt roads that are slippery in the rain), I still ran a 7:28 avg pace. I felt pretty good even in the last mile, and my last .6 of a mile was at a faster pace than my first mile which was a surprise.

My miles broke out as follows:
1: 7:06
2-4: 7:40 ish avg
last .6: 7:01

Of course it helped that the beginning and the end of the course were the paved parts that weren't all muddy, but overall I was pretty happy with my running given the conditions.

RW said...

16:01 rxd

(PR by 1:20)

Jeff said...

DL as RX'd
Hang and Jerk scaled

George said...

scaled to 135: 18:39

Gary said...

scaled to 135#
Accidentally stopped my watch at the 11:40 mark and didn't realize it for a few minutes.
I think my total time was around 17:00.
Painful workout.

C.L. said...

Holy smoked!!

- Did all DLs at 155#. Did 1st rd + 4 HPCs at 155; scaled rest to 135. Did 1st rd PJs at 155; scaled rest to 135 (I don't think I could have cleaned the bar into the rack position).

New PR for weight (did everything last time at 115) but about 5 minutes slower. Still felt pretty intense. I honestly think that my (poor) diet yesterday night probably played a part as well.

J. O'B said...

Scaled to 135#. Time - 18:59
PR for wt and time. Last time was 125# at 21:08.

craigrr said...

scaled to 135lbs 15:25
I overestimated the weight, I should have used 155lbs. I think I would have been about 18:00 to 20:00 with 155lbs

John McGrady said...

Scaled to 135#. 16:20 First time doing this one. Next time I'll do it RX'd.

Mike said...

Scaled to #135 - Time 15:46

GTH said...

What a way to get back to Harney after TDY...

DL at 155#
HPC at 135#
PJ at 45# because my shoulder has been bothering me putting weight over my head.

JPSE said...

CFWU - row + JR and a few DUs, -abmat + GHDs, multiple passthroughs

WOD as rx'd - 19:14
good WOD - PJs became PPs for time I think.....

Shannon said...

DL: Rx'd
HPC & PJ scaled
PJ weight was higher than my weight for 5 rep max weight.


Russ said...

Nov 09: All weights 115', 28:50

Today: 27:07 (PR by 1:43)
DLs as RXd
HPC 1 set at 135' then scaled to 125'
PJ still at 115'

Jen B said...

12:25...scaled to 65# because my legs are sore from Sunday's half marathon. This workout smoked me...

Ray said...

Holy smokes, Batman. This sucked!

Time 31:20; lost loads of time scaling down from DL to HPC to PJ.

Started out with DL scaled to 135# but couldn't do 135# on HPC so started 2nd bar with 115# for HPC. Went on to PJ and couldn't do 115# so started 3rd bar with 95#. Many minutes lost figuring out what to scale to on HPC and PJ.

Some good news: 20# PR gains on HPC and PJ. This CrossFit stuff works!