May 2, 2010

MONDAY 100503

For time:

15 Thrusters (115#/75#)
Bear Crawl 50 ft. (pullup cage to pullup cage, down and back)
25 KB Snatches (each arm/ 55#/35#)
Burpee Broad jumps 50 ft.
100 Double Unders
Broad Jump 50 ft.
50 KB swing (55/35)
Sprint 50 ft
15 O/H squats (115#/75#).

Post time to comments.

Thanks Josh for an awesome April! Welcome to Ryan's month. Embrace/Enjoy the suck!


Jeff Paine said...

That was fun! Double unders whooped my behind! I had to alternate singles with doubles to maintain momentum. Also scaled KB Snatches to 35#.

Time: 24:54. Gotta love a good ol' chipper first thing Monday morning.

Russ said...

One can definitely tell when one had Sonic for dinner Sunday night.

Snatches @ 35#, OHS @ 65#, and somehow I overlooked the DUs when I scribbled down the WOD. Rowed 2000m instead. 26:18 total.

Rage Peterson said...

Not a great time, but definitely a great workout: 21:25. Subbed 3:1 on double unders (still working that coordination piece). Also, had to drop down to 95# for last 5 O/H Squats. Great variety!

Brian said...

Scaled KB's to 35#, and OHS to 65#. 27:36 tot, w/ 7:39 of that on DU's (still in sets of 1).

John McGrady said...

Scaled snatches to 35# KB

All my double unders were in groups of 3-5. Then by some strange quirk in the universe I knocked out the last 23 in a row.

Michael said...

As RX'd 26:00.

Thanks to Jeff for showing me how to avoid destroying my forearms on the KB snatches - last time we did these, I was bruised and sore for weeks.

Double Unders slowed me down a lot, but I started doing better as I got farther in. Everything else felt pretty good.

Wayne L said...

21:41 with snatches scaled to 35#. DUs must have been at least 40% of my time also, after the first 10 couldn't seem to string more than 3 together.

J. O'B said...

22:20 (modified and scaled)

Subbed 400m runs for the burpee broad jumps and broad jumps. My left knee didn't like those last time.

Scaled the OHS to 95#.

Jeff Paine said...

A random thought as we are prepping for the move into the new facility (someday) - can we permanently mark the floor in the new bubble gym in 10 m or 10 ft blocks (or both in different colors)? That would make measuring days like today less troublesome. Just an idea. . .

C.L. said...

- Scaled kettlebell snatches to 35# after doing 10 each side (form was terrible)
- Scaled OHS to 95# after doing 5 (form and balance was terrible, couldn't keep arms locked out)

That WOD was very frustrating (at least the OHS piece). I will definitely have to pull this one out again one day.

Nick said...

That was not in the original statement of work and will require an additional 100,000 dollars or 4 months of work. Speaking of which, the pool is supposedly closing here soon, and I talked to the morning guy today and he said that water will soon be cut off to the gym.. Thats right folks.. Portapotty time!!

As for the workout.. 24:30 scaled
On the thrusters 8-115 7-95
Did 400m run for the burpee broad and the broad jumps
OHS, 5-65 and 10-45.. I was totally dead at this point.

Michael said...

A couple of questions for those going to the affiliate event...

- when are you planning to take a rest day? I was thinking that taking Friday might be best, but didn't know if Thursday might make more sense?

- Is anyone else bringing family? My clan is (for some reason) interested in coming to watch me (us) suffer...on second thought, now I know why they are interested.

- COL M do you have any directions or other info and is anyone planning to drive down together?

RW said...

WOD as rxd, time = ? (watch died in the middle)

went pull-up bar to pull-up for 50ft, but not down and back.

* Please put the word out about the foundations class next week (10-12 MAY, 1530-1700).

** I think class 10-1 crossfitters should make a point of competing in the Ironmajor Competition. Seems like we don't have much business bragging about our workout program if we can't show the results in a pretty level competition.

craigrr said...

17:23 w/scale 35lb KB snatch

DU are going well as I can sturng sets of 10-25 together; after working at it for months with the ropes at Harney, I took advice and purchased a $12 weighted rope and sized it for my height; the first time I did DU with this rope I put together over 10 where I had never been able to do that previously

OHS were challenging and towards the last 5 I was loosing a strong lower back at the bottom; as part of my warm up or cool down I've been drilling to keep a strong lower back through air squats using the wall and a stack of 45lb plates

Concerning a rest day, although Thursday makes more sense, Friday is usually a challenging day. Inasmuch as my goal is to get in better condition with each workout, each week, each month, etc., I don't want the comp to define my week. Still, there is an element of wanting to do the best I can in a comp in front of my peers and so I'm leaning towards taking Thursday off and doing Thursday's workout on Friday. My son will be going with me and I'm willing to carpool with anyone.

J. O'B said...

As far as the Ironmajor Competition goes, I've been thinking about signing up. I think it would be a good way to close out the "best year of my life." But it won't be much fun if I do it with a bunch of people I don't know. So, anyone else thinking about doing it?

I also agree with Ryan.

Jeff Paine said...

Alright, twist my arm. I was on the fence, but if everyone else is going to do Iron Major Comp, I will, too.

C.L. said...

I'm in for the Iron Major comp.

monroe said...

WOD: 15:16 rx

If you are really wanting to rest up for the competition, take two days off and ice, roll, stretch. You probably need it anyway.

Directions to the competition Saturday,
Take 152 east to 435 south, take the first exit (Shoal Creek) Go right off the ramp, thru the traffic circle, left on Pleasant Valley. The academy will be on your right, track out back.

6801 N Pleasant Valley Rd, Kansas City, MO 64119

Michael said...

I had hoped to do the Iron Major as well. The problem is that I committed to an OEF BN Cdr visit that afternoon 1230-1330, so a 1330 start on Iron Major didn't help. Maybe I can either show up late or leave early from the talk.

George said...

scaled to 35# KB, 95# thruster, 45# OHS, I couldn't keep my balance on the OHS with 95#, so I dropped to 45 to work form and keep what little intensity was left after 27:37.

For Saturday, my wife and girls will be coming to watch as well. I was going to take my usual Thursday off and do a "light" taper type workout Friday, more of a heavy warmup and some skill work.

JPSE said...

A Chipper - great way to start out the week!

WOD: 15:05 - did ~3 to 1 on DU's, still working that skill!

Ray said...

Wow, a real smoker.

Time 35:07
Scaled all over the place.
Thrusters 80#
KB snatch/swings 35#
DUs to 200 jump ropes

OHS were non-existent. Started at 55#, then just the 45# then just PVC. Totally regressed. My worst CF event. Need to keep on working on form

upty03 said...

scaled the KB Snatch to 35#, 17:45.