May 13, 2010

FRIDAY 100514

Skills: One legged squats, alternating. Go for max unbroken reps, focusing on your depth, and keeping your weight over your heels.


3 rounds for reps:
in 3 minutes
400m run
max reps clean and jerks (155#/125#) touch and go at the bottom
Rest exactly 2 minutes between each round.

Post total # of C&J reps to comments.


Jeff Paine said...

As Rxed - 5/4/4 for a total of 13.

RW said...

As rxd


Total = 24

Nick said...

Not as rx'ed.. did 135 and I rowed instead of running
3/5/5 = 13 total...
on another note.. someone in the gym must be missing part of their shin, because when I was setting up the bar this morning, i noticed it was hairy.. GROSS!!!!

J. O'B said...

The smart money is on John McGrady for ownership of that shin hair!

I also rowed instead of the running. I had 2 rx'd reps and 8 reps at 135. I gotta get me some strength!

craigrr said...

One legged squats:
LL = 14 RL = 8; my ankle was definitely the weak link on the right leg

As Rx'd
7/7/7 Total = 21
400M times were 1:25, 1:31, 1:36; not at all where I want to be, my focus for the next 6 weeks is to improve 400m, and 800m run

John McGrady said...

scaled to 135- 6,6,7

If that shin hair is mine it's more than a week old... Either it's someone else's, or I have really tough hair!

George said...

135 for 2 rds, then 155
6,6,4: total 16
still working on being able to lift after 400m runs

JPSE said...

CFWU + 5 MUs/10ea DL/BS @ #135
L-4/6/9 (work on flexibility)

Then WOD w/row instead of run, C&J as rx'd-
1:25/4 1/2
1:31/4 1/2
1:29/4 1/2
T - 13 1/2

then - 5xC&J @ #155 for form and speed through the middle practice