May 20, 2010

FRIDAY 1000521

For time:
5 muscle ups
15 back squats (95#)
10 muscle ups
30 back squats (95#)
15 muscle ups
45 back squats (95#)
10 muscle ups
30 back squats (95#)
5 muscle ups
15 back squats (95#)

post time to comments. Congratulations to the 10-1 SAMS graduates, and the 10-1 CGSC early graduates.


Russ said...

made up Thurs. WOD, and logged there

Jeff Paine said...

30:59 as Rxed. 135 95# squats. No problem. . . right!!!!

On the plus side, I was through 30 muscle-ups and 45 squats in 15 minutes, so the next 30 MUs for time should shatter my PR.

John McGrady said...

that was tough.

C.L. said...

18:34 as rx'd
- That was a great WOD to finish out the week! Great combo of movements and reps. Definitely feeling it in my shoulders and chest.

craigrr said...

18:30 as Rx'd
MU were hard on my right shoulder. It had been feeling great after rest, therapy, and cortozone (sp?). Today may have set me back

RW said...

21:25 rxd

GTH said...

20:03 as rx'd.

JPSE said...

Then WOD as rx'd - 19:37, great workout on all accounts.

Sorry I missed what I am sure was some great instruction by John. I'm sure it would have been a great Oly Lift re-cap with some good practical exercise. Move prep all weekend for me.......

Shannon said...

My MU are still inconsistent so adjusted the workout to keep up the intensity