May 9, 2010

And the results are in...

Well, it was an awesome, but breezy Saturday morning for the inaugural KCPD CrossFit get-together. Iron Major CrossFit showed up in force, but we also had great representation from CombatCrossFitKC and the KCPD CrossFit crew! Thanks for the great event! Here's the results of the individual competition (Nancy):
As Rx'd:
MikeR (CombatCrossFit KC): 11:37
RyanW (IronMajor): 12:38
Rob (IronMajor): 13:40
Mark (IronMajor): 14:11
Ben (KCPD): 14:14
MikeW (IronMajor): 14:52
JohnO (IronMajor): 16:12
JohnMc (IronMajor): 16:49
George (IronMajor, 75#): 17:27
Grubb (KCPD, 55#): 14:03

After sweating in out in the individual competition, a few brave souls sought more suffering doing the "running bear" team WOD.

The results:
As Rx'd:
Mike/Rob (Iron Major)
JohnO/JohnMc (Iron Major)
Mike/George (KCPD/Iron Major)
Lindsay/Grubb (KCPD)

Great job everyone! The real credit for this event goes to Mike and Angelique from KCPD and our very own Mark from Iron Major. Thanks also to Sarah L. from Combat CrossFit KC for supporting the event and sending your ringer, Mike!

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