Apr 6, 2010


Skills - Push Jerk 5-5-5 (work to a 5RM, then execute the 3 sets)


Tabata something else...(8 rounds of 20s work/10s rest) of:

KBS (55#/35#)

You can do this WOD two ways: 1) Do all 8 rounds per exercise in order (all 8 KBS intervals, then 8 squats, etc.) or 2) Do one Tabata interval (20s/10s) for each exercise, and repeat 8 times (1 KBS interval, 1 Squat interval, etc - repeat 8 times).

Either way, post reps per exercise to comments.

J. Bell where are you?


Brian said...

Michael, good catch on the gym being closed Thursday.

It looks like the weather will cooperate with doing the POSE class at the track (still at 0830 on Thursday). (The 400m track down the road from Harney, not the irregular track by Gruber). Check for post Wed night if the weather forcast changes.

All, please pass the word. I know the time does not work for most of CGSC, but I am getting a bunch of SAMS students. Spouses and others in the community are welcome also.

jeffrey.paine said...

Today's WOD, as Rxed:

PJ - 155 across (PR)

Tabata Metcon: 430 total reps; rotated the exercises for fun and variety.
KBS - 75
Squats - 133
Pushups - 140
Situps - 85

Rage Peterson said...

Substituted PJs for 2 mile run.

Tabata METCON: 523 total reps; rotated the exercises:
KBS: 88
Squats: 120
Pushups: 200
Situps: 115

craigrr said...

PJ = 155

Rotated exercises:
KBS - 92
Squats - 139
Pushups - 165
Situps - 81

Total = 477

Michael said...

PJ - 170, 175, 180

Tabata (rotating option also)
KBS 92
Squats 129
Pushups 148
Situps 88 (abmat, unsupported)

Steve, you're a pushup animal...

Thanks Brian, I'll see you at the track at 0830.

Rob, I'm up for doing the WOD at 0730.

Michael said...

Sorry, total was 457

Russ said...

Wasn't feeling right on the 'catch' for PJ, so I did Push Press:
5x5 135 lbs (PR)

METCON I did the second way; 8 sets of all exercises, but messed up the order; squats were at end.

72 KBS, 199 PU, 95 supported SU, 182 Squats, 548 total

upty03 said...

185 on PJ across

rotated exercises

491 Total

Gary said...

155,165,170 on PJ
KBS: 99
Squats: 122
P/U: 187
S/U: 107
total: 515

John McGrady said...

KBS- 93
Squat- 142
pushup- 115
situp- 82

total 432

abs were not feeling it after GHDs yesterday

jeffrey.paine said...

Nick/JOB - I am in for a study group. Let me know the details.

J. O'B said...

PJ - 155 across.
Thank you to Mr. Monroe and Ryan for the coaching. I was looking up toward the ceiling and wasn't "putting my head through the window." My upward gaze was causing me to lean back too much and not going through the window was compromising my jerk under the bar.

Tabata MECON: I sub'd pullups for KBS and did supported situps. My numbers from 27OCT09 are in parenthesis for comparison.
Pullups - 89 (36 + 17 jumping)
Squats - 162 (93)
Pushups - 134 (96)
Situps - 134 (114)
Total - 519 (356)

J. O'B said...

Level 1 test study group. Nick and I are talking about getting together Monday afternoon in the first floor Joint Pub lounge area to go over possible test questions. Time TBD.

RW said...

with the gym closed tomorrow I did a strength day

PJ = 165 across (should have done 170-175)

Front Sqt = 135x5, 155x3, 167x3, 185x2, 190x2, 205x1, 205x1, 205 x1

Weighted pullups = 5 x 3 @ 45lbs

C.L. said...

Push jerks:
- 170x5, 175x5, 180x3 (fault on 4th rep)
- Still working on form

Tabata = 501 total as rx'd
- KBS = 92
- Squats = 159
- Push-ups = 155
- Sit-ups = 95 (abmat, unsupported)

GTH said...

PJ: 155# across

Total = 465
KBS: 93
Squat: 127
Pushup: 146
Situp (ABMAT): 99

Nick said...

PJ: 155 (PR) .. I got the same good pointers from Ryan and COL M on this. Thanks guys!

TOTAL on the metcon was 481
KB 79
Squats 115
Push ups 157
Situps 130

Study group is on for Monday, first floor by the Joint Pub. Im thinking about 1500. How does that sit with everyone..

And .. incase you didnt know.. New Tshirts are in at the foundation!! go and get yours now!!

Nick said...

I know its hard to believe.. but the super simple schedule for electives has confused me once again. Unfortunately, I will miss yet another POSE class.. sorry

Shannon said...

PJ- 100 across (I think its time to up the weight)

Rotated Exercises:
KBS: 96
Squats: 130
Pushups: 171
Situps: 91 (Abmat unsupported)

Total: 488