Apr 26, 2010

TUESDAY 100427

Skills: Back Squat 7-7-7-7
Your back squat foot position should be the same "landing" position that you have for the clean and the snatch. Focus on keeping your weight on your heels, not leaning your torso forward.


3 Rounds for time (RFT) of:
15 Deadlifts (225#/155#)
21 KBS (55#/35#)
Run 400m (go out the door, run to the intersection of cody and 4th)

Post time to comments.


Jeff Paine said...

Back Squats

METCON as Rxed: 15:42

Brian said...

Back squat: I got up to 7 @ 165, failed at 185, and did another at 165.

METCON: Scaled KBS to 35#, 16:15

(I finally succeded in HSPU's in my WU!)

Russ said...

BS: 185-205-215-215

METCON- 16:57 (legs SMOKED!)

George said...

Back Squat: 135 across, stayed light to work on form

19:37 as RX
I could feel the poor form on my deadlift in my lower back on the runs slowing me down

jps said...

All - Just some comments on the strength sets.
1. Really, I think the intent is skills - so maybe like a max of 50%of 1 RM-ish.
2. It could just be the pvc/bar, focused on form/technique.
3. Go heavy on the strength set in lieu of the metcon.
My 2 cents for what it's worth.

RW said...

APFT today - small improvements across the board with little specific training, especially on the track.

Agree with jps on the distinction between strength and skill work.

J. O'B said...

BS: 155-165-165-165
METCON - 15:05, scaled DL to 205

craigrr said...

Back squats 185-205-225-225
I focused on depth and keeping the weight on my heels. I could difinitively feel when i would come up on the front part of my foot. I think I could have gone 10-15lbs heavier

METCON as Rx'd = 15:22
I am focusing on running; I think this was today's weak event. After not running for 18 months, everything feels odd. This is a good time to begin POSE techniques with the stuff Brian taught our group.

Jeff Paine said...

I agree with Ryan and others about the distinction between strength and skills sets. According to Coach Rippetoe, anything that involves more than 5 reps is no longer a strength set. But, given the varying experience and training of all of our athletes, it might be better to specify a weight or % of 1RM in addition to designating strength or skill work.

On a different note, is anybody from 10-02 or that is staying here interested in taking over the administration of our Beyond the Whiteboard link for Iron Major CrossFit? It has been a good tool for me and is definitely worth using as a tool for tracking progress. If anyone is interested, shoot me an email at jeffrey.paine@us.army.mil.

John McGrady said...

BS-165 across
METCON- 18:32 rx'd
I'm blaming it on doing the APFT this morning. Nick's unsolicited comment was that was just a crutch. I improved on the PT test except for the run- exact same time as in Sep. I think I have a mental block against running.

Nick said...

23 DUs in my warm up today.. plus, My angry caveman face while doing double unders seems to be a fan favorite.

On my squats..

1534 on the Metcon as Rx'ed. I agree with George.. felt this one big time in my lower back... and for John McGrady.. you kick butt man!! good job! way to push through! (is that better?)

upty03 said...

185 across on BS

12:32 on METCON

GTH said...

Used the skill sets to work on building up to a decent weight. 115-145-175-205. Probably should have done a tad less on the last set.

METCON: 13:19 as rx'd.

C.L. said...

Back squat:
- 155, 165, 175, 175 (about 50-60% of my 1RM)

METCON = 17:46 as rx'd
- My soul hurts after this one. I don't know what it is with WODs having deadlifts and KBS, but they physically hurt my inner being. I felt like a 73-yr-old man trying to run.

John McGrady said...


My ego feels much better now...

jps said...

BS - 165-175-195-135
METCON as rx'd - 14:58, cement legs on the runs and first iterations of DL post run

Jen B said...

I scaled down quite a bit...still recovering from Sunday's marathon.

Worked Back Squats for form only...

METCON: scaled DL to 95# and KBS to 20#, 13:11

A few thoughts on Big Sur Marathon: it's a super tough, hilly course...and I wasn't trained like I have been in the past for marathons. I didn't go out to PR, just to run it. BUT with having a 2 year base of CrossFit, I got through race day without too many issues (last few miles were tough, but they always are!) Biggest difference I'm noticing is in my recovery: I'm a little sore, but not bad at all.

Shannon said...

Back Squats:

METCON as Rx'd: 14:45

I would like to second CLs description and up the ante with getting run over by a MAC truck. A DL and KBs combo are always a smoker for my back.

Michael said...

Back squat - kept it as @50% of 1RM after seeing what everyone wrote and also knowing what was coming in the METCON:

METCON: 14:12
Trying to really be conscious of my DL form, but I know I lost concentration a few times. We'll see if anything but my back is sore tomorrow...