Apr 12, 2010

TUESDAY 100413

Deadlift Progression to 1 RM

If you are new to the deadlift, work on form!

Post wt. to comments.

As a reminder, the Harney functional fitness gym will be closed tomorrow and Wednesday from 0800-1700 for the Level I Certification.


jeffrey.paine said...

As Rxed:

315, 325, 345, 350 (f), 350 (f), 325, 325

J. O'B said...

Had another off day. Not sure what is going on. PR is 325. I was fine at 275 but failed multiple times at 315.

Russ said...


Finally back to January levels. PR during CF Total then was 315.

GTH said...

It became apparent to me (and others) that I had been doing my DL incorrectly the past several times we've done them. So, I basically started over on my DL progression this morning.


J. O'B said...

Reminder on what to bring for those taking the Level 1 test tomorrow:

"Show up at 3:30pm on Day Two at the location of the Level 1 Trainer Course registered for. Check in at the registration desk with a government issued picture ID, printed registration receipt, sharpened #2 pencil with eraser, and wait to be seated with the Level 1 attendees for the test."

I'm also bringing my Level 1 certificate just in case.

George said...

315, 345, 355(old PR), 365 (PR), 365(f), 365(f), 315, 315
10# PR and the form work on 315 at the end I think really helped keep it in close to my shins
thanks for the tips this morning

C.L. said...

Did Fran as part of the Level I Cert:
- 4:34 as rx'd (new PR by :23)

Ray said...

as Rx:

225, 225, 225, 225, 225, 235 (all PRs)

RW said...

worked up to 355. Stopped their because my form started to go.

Shannon said...

175-180-185-190-195-200 (new PR)

Brian said...

I did this on Wed. 335, new PR by 10.