Apr 5, 2010

TUESDAY 100406

Skillz - HSPUs, work to a max number of reps, then attempt walking handstands if possible.


4 Rounds for Time (RFT) of:

400 m run
25 GHD situps
25 Back extensions

Post time to comments.


C.L. said...

Don't know how many saw my comment from yesterday, but according to the website you can take the Level I test for free once if you got your Level I prior to April 2010.

Brian said...

CL- I got my Level 1 last year. What is the test for, and why do we need to take it if we have the cert?

For those interested in running more efficiently, I will be offering the pose instruction again on Thursday at 0830 in the Harney CrossFit Gym. Please let me know if you intend to come so I can make sure I have enough handouts.

To support this WOD, Can someone post the 400m route from the gym again?

C.L. said...

From what I've read, CrossFit Inc. has now incorporated a test into the Level I cert. Everyone who completes the certification will now take the test. If you did your Level I Cert prior to April 2010 (which is everyone so far), you have until 31 Dec 2011 to take the test before your Level I cert expires. Once you pass the test, your certification is good for five years. At the 5-year point, you have to retake the test for $150 to "renew" your certification. However, everyone that did their cert before April 2010 has one opportunity to take the test free of charge. Below is the link to the Level I Cert FAQs. It has all the information about the test on it. Hope this helps.


J. O'B said...

The penalty (so to speak) for not taking the test by 31DEC11 is that you'll lose your status as a "Crossfit trainer" and you won't be able to start an affiliate. Also, your Level 1 Trainer Certification will be downgraded to a Level 1 Certificate of Attendance. Apparently, this is all part of some sort of fitness accreditation for Crossfit.

jeffrey.paine said...

Good to know on the test. I guess I should proabbly do that and review some of the fundamentals.

For the WOD:
HSPUs - did 9 full ROM to floor, but lost balance on the 10th.

METCON: 19:13 as Rxed.

Nick said...

Ok.. Just registered for the test.. not too hard.. just dont know when the test is actually held. Also, does anyone want to go over the material at some point.. I really dont feel like paying 150 bones if I dont pass the test the first time.

Russ said...

As RX'd-- 17:56

Keep a more consistent pace on GHDs...too much resting.

Russ said...

Oh yeah, HSPUs was max 8 full ROM (New PR), and a couple half ROM.

Gary said...

still weak on HSPUs, form is improving though

Michael said...

HSPU - got 11
Got a few seconds on free standing hand stands, which is my best so far.

METCON - 18:15

Used Garmin to plot a route this AM, and posted it on the board with a sketch, but here it is:

#1 (the one Jeff, Rob, Jesse, George, & I used - and Stewart's class, too)
- exit the gym via the staircase by the water fountain/locker
- turn right and run down the hill in the grass towards the dumpster and then run down the driveway to Harney. turn left and run up the near side of the road to the Cody intersection and return

this is exactly 400 m door to door (once you get up the stairs)

other alternatives we've used in the past
#2 - exit the front door of Harney and run down the driveway, across the road and touch the Havanna club door and back (that is 350m from the front door). BUT you have to weave through the gym entrance to get there.

#3 - exit the front door of Harney and turn left across the front of the building. Go past the dumpster and to the gap in the curb. One of Stewart's guys measured this one and it is supposed to be 400m exactly (as measured from the front door). BUT again, you have to weave through the gym.

If anyone has a better route, please post, but I think this is the best available.

Michael said...

Brian - I know you had mentioned doing a POSE class at 0830 on the 8th at Harney, but there is a sign posted at Harney saying they will be closed for electrical work on the 8th and 9th, so I am guessing you will need an alternate location.

I'm not sure the status of Gruber, but would the track or Gruber work?

Also, please count me in for the class. Thanks for taking the time to show us some of the basics.

GTH said...

Did the WOD before the skills, finishing in 18:18. Substituted row for run.

Then tried walking handstands, but the best I got was about 4 "steps." By that time my shoulders were pretty smoked, so I was only able to do 8 HSPU before I lost balance.

upty03 said...


craigrr said...

HSPU = 23

METCON = 18:15

Brian, I posted late last night that I would like to attend POSE class; I'm posting again, so don't double count me. Standing by for possible alternate location. Thanks

John McGrady said...

Learned the hard way not to eat a chimichanga before going to the gym

jeffrey.paine said...

Registered for the test, too. After reading the stuff on the main site about it, we should be studying the study guide from the level I cert and specifically the fundamental movements and training cues, faults, etc.

If I understand it correctly, we should be taking the test at 1530 on 14 April (Wednesday). Can Ryan or Phil confirm this?

J. O'B said...

HSPU - 11

METCON - 17:16
Wicked combination of exercises!

I'll also be registering for the Level 1 test for next week.

C.L. said...

METCON: 18:45
- Sub'd 400m row for the last rd of the run due to lightning.

HSPU = 18 straight (forehead to floor) using the wall for balance; will work free-standing handstands later on tonight.

RW said...

16:45 rxd

George said...

HSPU: got 2 sets of 1 full RM and a followed by a full negative, then 10 with the blue and green band assist

RX on METCON at 20:20

Shannon said...

WOD before skills: 19:18-- sub row for run

HSPU- 11
Walking HS- halfway across the space between sets of pullup bars.

Rage Peterson said...

HSPU - 6
Time: 18:35, great lower back workout!

jps said...

Nick - am registered and will study with the group next week if yall decide to do that.

BTW - I totally underestimated this WOD!

Nick said...

Forgot to post last night..
I also talked with JOB about just getting togther for a quick study session.. anyone else interested?

I actually got a HSPU today.. which is a big improvement over just flailing at the wall..

for the METCON 17:12 During one of our runs the gym guy closed the side door on us (J OB and I) so that messed up our time a little bit. But its good that the invisible contractors are kicking butt on our functional fitness gym out front.