Apr 1, 2010


Rest Day!!!!!

Suckers... April Fool's

100 Overhead Squats for time (95/65)

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compare to 090925


jeffrey.paine said...

As Rxed: 13:20.

Michael said...


rough morning. Had to drop to 75 with 7 reps to go. I guess this is an improvement in some ways. Last time was 13:02 but I did everything after #17 at 75 lbs.

Pretty happy with everything up until my shoulders went to mush at about 70 (around 10 min if I remember right) and I completely stalled .

Russ said...

2.3 mile run, untimed...just to get the lead out

19:37. As RX'd for 5 reps, then 10 @ 75#, and then 45#.

Note to self--Must work in extra shoulder skills/drills

GTH said...

Had to scale to 75# after 35 reps.


upty03 said...

9:39 as rx'ed (pr by 1:30)

John McGrady said...

15:30 rx'd
I don't know why, but my balance sucks whenever beginning an OHS workout, but it improves as the workout goes on. 1st 40 were in sets of 5, the remaining in sets of 10.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

10:32 rxd

J. O'B said...

27:30 Rx'd

Form was really bad for the first 50 then got real solid even though I was smoked. I discovered that my form really tightens up if I snatch the bar (from the ground) instead of taking it off the rack. Give it a try if you're not happy with your form. The last 50 was actually easier than the first 50.

J. O'B said...
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craigrr said...

12:50 as Rx'd

My wrists took a lot of stress. Can anyone provide insight as to why? These are some of my thoughts:

1) active shoulders - I specifically focused on this; perhaps I didn't do an adequate job
2) wide grip - I tried to use a grip whereby I could get out of the lift if I needed; perhaps I could have actually gone a little wider

monroe said...

7:54 rx

Nick said...

humbling..all I can say.. is I need some serious OHS work, flexibility work and all around butt kicking.
Just used the bar.. 19:32
worked on Hand stands afterwards.. I wasnt going to post this, but honestly I learned alot today from listening and watching COL M and JOB.. thanks for the help guys!

yvonne said...

15:20 scaled to #45

My wrists were sore also and I took numerous breaks.

Gary said...

Did this one on the farm over the weekend. I didn't have barbell, so I used a big old fencepost (the heaviest thing I could find, but still far less than 95#).
Time 11:32