Apr 28, 2010


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Skills: Double unders...max reps without interruption.


Max strict pullups
Max kipping pullups
then 10 strict pullups on the minute for 7 minutes
rest 2 minutes
5 kipping pullups on the minute for 6 minutes
rest 2 minutes
5 burpees on the minute for 5 minutes

enjoy. post reps to comments.


Jeff Paine said...

I have gotten several questions about Beyond The Whiteboard lately. While I must post my disclaimer that this is not sponsored by the Army or Iron Major CrossFit, I personally think it is a great tool. Here is the information:

Beyond the Whiteboard is another website that assists in tracking and training data for WODs. It does a lot of the math to help you figure out work and power in your WODs. This has been especially valuable to me in scaling efforts. For example, I dropped my FRAN weight from 95# to 75# for thrusters, and subsequently dropped 4 + minutes off of my time. Seems obvious - less weight = faster time. However, as I entered the data on Beyond the Whiteboard I saw that my power output had actually increased by about 15% even though I was doing less weight. So, I now know that I can scale to keep the intensity up and see the results. I can continue to train at the lower weight at higher levels of intensity until my time at 75# is where I want it, then bump up to 85#, then 95#, etc., as I build capacity.

There are other things it does, too. I post the Iron Major WODs on it daily and it gives you a format for entering and calculating your WOD data. You can also post your own workouts if you are doing something different on any given day. Go to www.beyondthewhiteboard.com and check it out if you are interested. It costs $3 a month or you can pay for an entire year for $33 through Amazon Marketplace. I personally think it is worth it. If you want to join, register on their site and request to join Iron Major CrossFit. I will check and approve your membership so you will see all of our WODs.

JPSE said...

Jeff - Great info, thanks.

J. O'B said...

Max Rep:
DU - 53
Strict PU - 17
Kipping PU - 27

Scaled the strict PU phase with jumping PU except for first three minutes in which 7, 3, and 1 of them were strict PU.

Jeff Paine said...

Double Unders (please nobody laugh) - 6
Max strict pull-ups - 12 (began kipping involuntarily at 12, so didn't count my 13th)
Max Kipping Pull-ups - 24

Strict Pullups: 10, 4 +6 w blue band, 6 w/ blue, 5 w/ blue, 6 w/ blue, 6 w/ blue, 6 w/ blue
Kipping pullups - 5s across
Burpees - upped the ante to 10 per minute (thanks Rob)

Nick said...

Double unders - 25 (improvement of 22 reps since last time)

Strict PU - 12
Kipping PU - 17

Completed the rest Rx'ed except for using a blue band on the strict pullups starting in round 3

Michael said...

DU - only got about 5 this time, which is down from my PR of 25...not sure what was up


Of the 7 min of strict pullups, I made the following modifications:
- rnd 1 - 10 strict
- rnds 2 & 3 - scaled to kipping
- rnds 4-6 - put knee in green band (figured this was closer to a strict pullup motion and better met the intent of the WOD than scaling to kipping PUs like I did in rnds 2 & 3.
- rnd 7 - foot in green band - strict pullup muscles pretty smoked

kipping pullups as RX'd
burpees - did 10 instead of 5 for the last 4 rounds

upty03 said...



METCON: DNF...round one on strict as RXd, rounds 2-3 foot in blue band, then could not complete any more because biceps and forearms were destroyed.
Burpees as Rxd...then for fun, did 5 inverted burpees

Sidenote: anybody able to complete this as RXd, I will buy them a case of beer. Not sure how you could do 100 pull-ups (70 strict) in 14 minutes after going "max effort" prior to the METCON. Josh, defend yourself.

GTH said...

Max Rep:
DU: 35
Strict PU: 12
Kipping PU: 20

Strict PU: (This 7 min. made me feel like a little girl) Scaled to blue band in the 3rd round, and quickly moved to green band in the 4th round.
Kipping PU: As rx'd
Burpees: As rx'd

Brian said...

DU's: I can do these all day- 1 at a time. I welcome any suggestions on putting them together conseciutively.

Strict: 10
Kipping: 10
(This is a step back for me)

Strict: 1 rx'd, 1 blue, 5 green
Kipping: all blue
Burpees: 10/min.

craigrr said...

DU = 16; this was disappointing as I've had a high of 28. This morning I got 15 two times and 16 two times

Max strict pull ups = 22
Max kipping pull ups = 28
I did 5 strict instead of 10 for 7 rds
I did 10 kipping instead of 5 for 6rds the

Burpees were increased from 5 to 10 (you're welcome Jeff).

Jeff Paine said...

To pile on with upty, anyone that can do this WOD as Rxed strict, I will provide and smoke the brisket to go with the case of beer.

On a different note, if anyone has any tips for double unders (other than practice more) please send them. I can alternate between a DU and a single pass for a long time, but linking the DUs together unbroken. . . well, you saw my score.

Russ said...

Fully agree with you Jeff. I scaled HPCs to 115, thus working more of the proper power muscles/technique, instead of just curling up the heavy weight.

Today: 12 DUs (up from PR of 6)
16 strict
21 Kip
7 minutes:
7 strict / 3 jumping, 3/7, 4/6, 2/8, 10 blue band, 8 band/2 jump, 10 band
10 burpees to keep up with Rob & Johnny O.!

Shannon said...

DU: 6 - I can't do these to save my life.. Its a little embarassing that my husband jumps rope better than I do.

Strict: 15 (down)
Kipping: 20

1st rd: made rds 1-3, switched to kipping for 4-7
2nd rd- kipping as Rx'd
3rd rd- burpees as Rx'd

I feel much better now that I see I am not the only one to not make it through as RX'd.. I was starting to feel like a pansy.

John McGrady said...
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John McGrady said...

DUs come and go for me. I couldn't get more than 8 together today. I can usually get into the 20s.
Strict PUs - 20
Kipping PUs - 30

started using the blue band on the 8th rep of the second round of strict pullups. Used the blue band throughout. The rest as rx'd.

RW said...

DU = 66

Max strict = 17
Max kipping = 31 (rested between efforts)

Changed the METCON as follows:

5 min of 5 strict on the minute
2 min rest
5 min of 10 kipping on the minute
2 min rest
5 min of 5 burpee pull-ups on the min

C.L. said...

Max rep:
- DU = 10 (previous PR = 6)
- Strict PU = 24
- Kipping PU = 32
- Rested 5 minutes between efforts

- Strict: 5 rds as rx'd, 2 rds w/ blue band
- Kipping: As rx'd
- Burpees: As rx'd

George said...

strict: 6
kipping: 20 up from previous of 12

1st rd: 4, then kipped up, negative down until 10 continued that trend the rest of the way
all rds of 5 kipping RX
added the 10 burpees after rd 1

JPSE said...

did 200 singles with wu, then 11 DU's, then did 10 burpees a minute for 5 mins - because I love burpees, doesn't everyone? Nursing a shoulder tweak, so skipped the pull ups for today.