Apr 21, 2010


I want to thank everyone who helped out last week with the Level 1 and the Oly Cert. We had a lot going on, and it wouldn't have happened without the commitment of our community. From Nick taking care of the T shirts to Russ making the signs to Josh grabbing a projector/screen to of course Ryan and Mark, and all the folks in between. We are success because we have an awesome committed group of athletes. So Thank you. Now...back to work.

Skills/Drills: Work max height box jumps (bring tape measure!)
then...the Burgener Warmup (as per two days ago's post)

7 Rounds for time (RFT) of:
7 power snatches (floor to landing position at 1/2 squat, 95#/65#)
7 Box Jumps (30"/24")

Post time to comments. Enjoy!


Jeff Paine said...

How many 30" boxes do we have?

jps said...

Maybe that should be 24"/20" or 20"/18" - whatever they actually are.

Rage Peterson said...

13:33 as required. Very poor snatch form. Must work on it.

Jeff Paine said...

Max effort Box jump - successfully did 39".

14:43 as Rxed.

Focused on resetting for every snatch, which certainly added to my time. Form starting getting sloppy around round 5 and I really had to tighten it up for the last round.

RW said...

Box jump = 42''

METCON = 8:15 rxd

Even if it was unintended I liked the higher box jump today. Added something "special" to the experience.

Jeff Paine said...

Ryan - SMOKIN' on the METCON. Continuing your standard of making me feel average. . . great job!

George said...

36" on the box with my big toe from one foot on 39"

13:53 scaled to 75# snatch to keep up the intensity
form was ok for 3 rds then turned bad. i started to feel it in my back on 4-7.

John McGrady said...

Box jump was the tall wood box with 4 x 45# plates- no idea how tall that is. I added a 25# plate and promptly donated a portion of my shin to the 25# plate.

Scaled snatch to 70#. 11:26

Mike said...

10:58 as Rx'ed, but I had poor form during late rounds

jps said...

I posted this on the white board at Harney, but for future reference here you go.
30.5" = a large wooden/large red box with a #45 and #25 stacked on it.
Additionally the other box measurements are as follows -
SM Red = 18"
L Red = 24"
SM Wood = 20"
L Wood = 24"

Max height box = 42"
Metcon as Rx'd = 14:22 (form/technique focused) Think I consistently lost form on reps 6 and 7.
I'm still feeling the effects of last weeks WODs/Oly Cert/Murph/etc.......

Nick said...

Today I strung 7 Double unders together! Small miracles!!

My max box jump was 36".. almost 39..

12:22 as Rx'ed. The OLY cert made this possible. As JOB was remarking, keeping that bar close saves alot of muscle in the end.

J. O'B said...

Max jump box - 42" flat footed, 46" with a bit of approach

METCON - 12:34

monroe said...

36" jump
WOD 12:24 rx

C.L. said...

Box jump = 42"
Worked a lot on the Burgener warm-up. This was really the first time I've spent any time working on it...lots to learn.
METCON = 13:12 as rx'd
- My snatch still needs some work. It should tell me something that my calves were cramping up at the end.