Apr 14, 2010


First off, congratulations to all our new Level 1 athletes! You join a very strong CrossFit community through Stewart's CrossFit Results and the Iron Major CrossFit community. This is your community!

now...back to work!

skills/drills: Work Turkish getups. Alternate between using the KB's and attempting the heavy bar.


Four Rounds for time (RFT) of: Use 135#/95# for all lifts
4 Power Cleans
4 Front Squats
4 Push Presses
4 Step ups (1 rep each leg, no weight) (24"box)

post time to comments. Enjoy!


Brian said...

A few weeks ago, I think it was Ryan that sent a message about our positive community. He is right on.

Even if you are new to CrossFit, if you are doing the Iron Major WOD's, I encourage you to post your results. It is easy for people to get discouraged when they only see the experienced athletes posting consistent "as Rx'd".

By posting what you did to scale your workout will not only encourage others to do the same, but also encourage the whole community by your progress.

Good luck.

Jeff Paine said...

Turkish Get ups: 2x each arm - PVC Pipe for WU
3x each arm 15# bar
4x each arm 45# bar

as Rxed - 8:56
What I found difficult was the transition of my grip from front squat to push press. Every round except #1, I had to put the bar done to re-grip, resulting in (at least) 3 extra cleans.

Jeff Paine said...

That should be "put the bar down." Apparently my forearms got a little fatigued, too, affecting my typing.

I do want to echo Brian's comments. Iron Major is not about how much more weight I can lift or how much faster I can run than you (because I probably can't do either). It is not about how much better I can be than everyone else, but about how much better we can ALL be because of each other.

Now, if I can only get my wife to post her WOD results. . .

RW said...

Jeff was the guy with the good comments on positive community.... I can't take credit. In fact right now I am trying to think of something negative and spiteful to type about Upty.

Turkish getups = worked up to 65lbs barbell

METCON = 6:20 rxd

upty03 said...

TGU--up to 2 x 50 lbs each side.

METCON: 5:24 as RX'd

John McGrady said...

I have a POSE success story. Did the CFE WOD which was run 9 minutes, rest one minute, run 9 minutes. I ran the second 9 min in POSE and ran about 200 meters further than the first 9 min. Thanks Brian!

TGUs- got 65 lb bar in right hand, failed w/ left. METCON 7:13

Ray said...

Thanks to Upty for helping me out with the Turkish getups.

Must have been awhile since I last did cleans because I was struggling with the prescribed weight, so I had to scale down twice from 135# to 115# finally to 95#.

Time 20:03

was sucking wind at the end. Totally dragging today. I did end up doing 5 mi total yesterday (my lame excuse for today).

GTH said...

TGU: 3 x 45 lbs. barbell each side

METCON - 7:18

I also had trouble with the transition from front squat to push press. Like the caveman I am, I refused to put it down to fix my grip, so I just muscled through it....probably to my detriment in the long run.

J. O'B said...

TGU - 1 pood and 1.5 pood each side

METCON - 10:50

It took a similar post from Brian several months ago to get me to start posting. I hope everyone flying under the radar will consider the value and support they provide to others by posting.

Jeff said...

Could only do the Cleans as RX'd. Not sure why but I felt weak in the front squats.

Gary said...

7:47 as Rx'd but had to drop the weight a few times to get through the push presses, so I earned several penalty power cleans to get the weight back up.

Got to 65# on barbell TGUs both sides

Brian said...

That wt was right at my limits for the total METCON. 11:26 as Rx'd.

monroe said...

It was such a nice day, and I was so motivated from the L1 cert, I went our and did the 4x800m workout at lunch.
Took it easy, still recovering from this nasty bug going round.

After work still fely good so I did today's WOD, scaled to #95.
Forgot to time!
Pre: Burgener warm up, butterfly practice, then TGU. Worked up to the fatboy, 2 pood. Didn't mess with the bar today.

Nick said...

I swam 1000m prior to my workout
300 warm up, 150 kick, 150 pull, then 4 x 100. Fastest time was 1:38.

During my warm up I actually got a handstand for at least 10 sec.. which if you know me is a big step.

TGU. Did up to 1 pood with KB and then 1 pood with a bar. need to work on transition from hand to floor portion.

METCON 10 flat. Lost some time transitioning weight down to 115 for last round, but my form improved a great deal.

Anyone know how us test takers yesterday receive our certificate?

Mike said...


As Rx'ed - 7:33, like everyone else had to re-grip between exercises so there were alot more power cleans

Jeff Paine said...

Nick - based on what Heather said (confidence not very high), they will be mailed to us. Not really sure beyond that. I am going to wait a week and, if we don't get them, start contacting CF HQ about it.

GTH said...

Chuck told me to wait two weeks for word from CF HQ, either email or other. He said if we haven't heard anything after two weeks to get in touch with them.

Russ said...

Didn't do TGUs....METCON was 10 min -- slow start on a Monday morning.

Poor form on cleans....get remedial tng.