Apr 24, 2010


Rest, enjoy your weekend and the crazy garage sale. You've earned it. Thanks to Rob for the great testimonial on yesterday's comments. If you haven't read it, check it out!


J. O'B said...

In the "Running Men?" CF Journal article, something called a "McMillan Run Calculator" was mentioned. I had never heard of it so I looked it up.
You select a distance and input your actual finish time. It then spits out a chart with projected finish times at other distances, suggested time goals for sprint and speed distances, and suggested paces for different types of runs (recovery, tempo, etc). The chart is accompanied with a good explanation that includes the limitations of the chart. It's not bad as an initial reference point and it's free.

Russ said...

Made up WED's shoulder WOD, then FRI's FGB. PR of 298 on FGB! Too much 'pacing' in Rds 1&2 = lost reps.

Also big ups to Brian's Pose TTPs and/or this month's renewed speed WODs for shaving 8 seconds off my 2 mile time (down to 12:26).

Also finished first week of The Zone, with great results. Dropped 3 pounds, more energy, faster recovery, and cheaper grocery bill!