Apr 3, 2010


Rest, make up WODs as needed. In the world of problem solvers...there's MacGruber and everyone else.


C.L. said...

Made up Thursday's WOD of OHS:
- Time = 14:39 as rx'd

Holy shoulders, Batman! Much more difficult than I thought (even after reading the other posts). My original goal of 10 per minute quickly vanished. Still working on form (weight distribution and depth).

RW said...

made up "war frank" from Friday

35:25 rxd (15 mu version)

Brian said...

Saturday, I made up thurs' WOD without respect for time. I have really been struggling with OHS, so I took the time to focus on form, andexperiement with stuff. I used 55#.
-I found that the grip width did not make as much of a difference as I expected. Wider was comfortable because I knew I could pass through, but narrower seemed to help with active shoulders.
-What did help was the suggestion to go from floor rather than rack. I think it helped me to "set".