Apr 25, 2010

MAY 8th Affiliate competition/get together!

Well, you've waited patiently, so here's the info on the upcoming May 8th Affiliate competition/get together with area affiliates. We'd really like 5-10 athletes to participate, and represent our Ft. Leavenworth community well.

WHO: Athletes from Iron Major CrossFit, CrossFit Results, CombatCrossFitKC, CrossFitKC, KCPD
WHAT: A friendly competition/get together with area affiliates, put on by the KCPD. There will be two WODs performed, the first will be "Nancy", and individual WOD, and the second "Running Bear".
WHEN: 8 MAY, 0900
WHERE: KCMO Regional Police Academy
WHY: To build and support a regional/area CrossFit community.

If you can make the event, please send and email to Mark Monroe by the end of this week!

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