Apr 16, 2010


5 Rounds for time:

400m row
10 x GHD sit-ups
10 x back extensions
10 x overhead squat (45 lbs)
10 x pull-ups
10 x ring dips
10 x push-ups
10 x knees to elbows

Post time to comments.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...
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RW said...

27:20 rxd

This WOD is painful. I thought it would take maybe 20min. When I finished rnd 1 in over 4 min I knew I was in trouble.

Also, to all of you going to the oly cert this weekend, have a great time, good luck.

Michael said...

I came in at 33:11

...dragging and echoing Ryan's comments. I think my HR is still coming down. (started to write list of excuses...then quit when it got too long and sounded like whining...which it was!)

Nick said...

37:10 rxed still shakey

upty03 said...

32:36...eff that WOD.

John McGrady said...


Brian said...

Pressed for time, thought I'd get at least 3 rnds in. Actually only got 2. I would have had to scale dips and pullups in subsequent rounds.

Don't forget MWR 5k at 0900 on Sat.

Jeff said...

30:35 as RX'd.
Yet another deceptive WOD.

GTH said...

No problem! It's basically only 5 rounds of my daily warmup, right?

SUCK!!! Couldn't be more wrong.....

As rx'd: 28:21

C.L. said...

30:41 as rx'd
- That was hurtful. Talk about core work, my midline stabilization was put to the test today.

Russ said...

35:19 as RX'd. Too much resting.

Rows were 1:40
Good speed on GHD/BE
Reverse grip PU due to tennis elbow, but too many pauses
Weak on dips for some reason.

Shannon said...

35:10 Rx'd