Apr 29, 2010

FRIDAY 100430

Warmup: The Burgener Warmup!

then...with a partner for the WOD.

"Running Bear"
4 Rounds for Time (RFT)
Partner 1: run 400m
Partner 2: As many reps as possible of the Bear Complex (95#/65#)while your partner runs. The Bear complex is:
1) Power clean
2) Front squat
3) Push press (from the front rack to the back squat position)
4) Back squat
5) Push press (from the back squat position to the front rack and down to the floor)
the Movements must be completed unbroken to count. You may combine the front squat and the push press (like a thruster). Real rest only occurs between reps.

Switch roles each round.

Post total time and reps to comments. Enjoy.


Jeff Paine said...

So is a round one partner running and one "bearing"? Or is one round a run and bear per partner?

Michael said...

Good question...
If I read it correctly (switch roles each round), 1 round is a partner running and the other bearing so that you each get 2 total turns running and 2 turns bearing...but that sounds too easy

Phil B said...

a "round" is one partner running and one partner doing the bear complex.

Phil B said...

hahahahaha...too easy...Mike you will eat those words if you're going for max reps on the bear complex.

JPSE said...

Mike - that's right, 2 turns each. Don't forget the 5 burpee penalty for each if you put the bar down(hand it off when your running partner comes in).......I think you'll find it sufficient. You could up the weight to 135-ish.

Jeff - Thanks for getting me in to BTWB.

Anyone working out in the afternoon? I'll be hitting it sometime, just looking for a partner. C.L.?

Michael said...

Also, how is it scored? Is it better to have more reps or a faster run in terms of work output?

Michael said...

Jeff can attest that I usually eat those words!

Brian said...

I did this one solo. 1:40, 1:37, 6 complexes/run.

Phil B said...

Brian, impressive display of motivation! I think after watching the morning crew "breeze through" this WOD, we should add more rounds (or redefine the round to mean each partner does each exercise as one round). Well done everyone!

Jeff Paine said...

After the raging and vociferous debate about the definition of a round this morning (I am practicing my outrageous hyperbole for Arabic class this morning), I agree with Phil. It should be one round is complete after BOTH athletes have run and lifted. While I will not go with Mike (my partner in suffering) that it was easy, I did not feel the mental dread of wanting to die at any point in this WOD. It just wasn't challenging enough. . .

That being said, Mike Wagner and I did:
Time 8:45.
30 total Bear reps (me - 7/7, Mike - 8/8)

Brian said...

I agree- not satisfying.
Don't get me wrong, I was ready to be done after the 2nd round, but I found that I recoverred very quickly. 4 runs and 4 complexes would have smoked me, but isn't that what Fridays are for?

In comparison, a bear would have been 5 rounds of 7 reps/round to achieve max wt in final round.

C.L. said...

I did it solo this morning and split the difference (3/3):
- Runs = 2:06, 2:27, 2:23 (I'm blaming it on the rain - did you catch the Milli Vanilli reference?)
- Bears = 7, 8, 6
- Bear work each round roughly equalled run times
- 14:02 total

Apologies, Josh. I promised my daughter I'd pick her up from school this afternoon.

monroe said...

Jeff, WRT your question about DU's, try doing more single jumps. Since I put 500 skips back in my warmup I've found my DU's much easier.

JPSE said...

Ok - so other options include doing this WOD individually, increasing the weight, each team member doing each ex per round, or as I chose to do as an experiment -
Bear Complex - 7 reps
400m run

21:38 - could have been faster, but still earned like a 20 burpee penalty for improperly resting.....everything slowed down towards the end.

For Upty - yes, yesterday's WOD turned out to be much more challenging than expected - ENJOY!

John McGrady said...

Did this with Finn in 9:24.
Bear was 7/7 for me, 8/8 for Finn. We did put the bar down when handing it over. We assessed that as a 0 burpee requirement.

RW said...

Since I might be doing the running bear next sat I opted for a different WOD today....

P Clean & Jerk:
worked up to 5 x 1 @ 185lbs


50m sprint
10 burpees
7 p clean @ 155

time = 4:44

craigrr said...

George Coleman and I partnered for this one:

Time 9:19
28 total Bear reps

John M. - did you so this with Shane Finn?

John McGrady said...

@ Craig- I don't know Finn's surname, he's a Norwegian exchange student. He's an afternoon guy, but he doesn't post.