Apr 22, 2010

FRIDAY 100423

hope you left something in the tank for today...

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds of 1 minute per station (continually running clock) at the following stations:
Wall Ball (20#/14#)
Sumo Deadlift Highpull (SDHP, 75#/55#)
Box Jumps (20")
Push Press (75#/55#)
Row (for calories)
Rest 1 min after each round, take advice from your "corner".

Add up your reps/cal's per round to get your overall total. Post total to comments. Enjoy! Most of the time when staring down FGB, I feel like this.


Jeff Paine said...

Who from the morning crew will be there tomorrow?

The good news is that this only takes 17 minutes. The bad news is that it takes 17 minutes.

I'll start getting set up when I get there. Hopefully, we will have enough to partner up.

J. O'B said...

I'm looking forward to this. Back in Sep when we last did FGB I only had about one month of Crossfit under my belt. It's great knowing that no matter what, I'll absolutely crush my old score.

George said...

I should be there barring a surprise attack from the z-monster at 0455.

Michael said...

I'm planning to be there tomorrow AM as well, Jeff. Who could miss that 17 minutes of glorious suck.

monroe said...

Wow, programming for this month sure looked a lot more fun in the planning phase. Good luck morning crew! I'll be hitting this in the afternoon.

Keep in mind that poor form will tax you as fast as more reps or weight. I am going to concentrate on stretching hips and hamstrings for this one.

Rage Peterson said...

294 total. THX Mike for counting and coaching!

Went down hard in the third round. Great stuff! THX to whoever set up the circuit!

Great job Mike on your consistent rounds!

Jeff Paine said...

Mark - "it doesn't have to be fun to be fun."

As Rxed - 260 points -- 30 point improvement over last PR. WB shots and SDHP still get me in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

1st rd - 100
2nd rd - 83
3rd rd - 77

Great job Mike, Steve, and George who suffered with me this morning.

Michael said...

Good suck to end the week. Nice work George, Jeff & Steve.

315 (PR by 5)

Special thanks to my "corner man", Steve (Rage) for keeping me on track. After reading John's post last night I was worried I might not be able to PR. After 3 successive PRs since last summer, I wasn't sure I had much left in me.

Good comment from COL Monroe on the form, as that tends to suffer as we get fatigued and then compounds the suck! I tried real hard to focus on the form although I did feel it slipping at times.

John McGrady said...

Total 249

Tried counting total reps through each round. I had to stop and think how many reps I had a couple of times, not going to do that again. But it's a PR by 19.

J. O'B said...

26SEP09 - 197
Today - 304
107 point improvement!
Yeah, now that's the way to start the weekend!

Thanks to Nick for time keeping, score keeping and motivating. Sorry about the rower display on your last round.

Nick said...

Last FGB in Sept (same as JOB) 250

Today.. 313 !

Plus, I strung together 16 DUs! Im getting the hang of it!

Its PIZZA night!!!!

RW said...

348 total

went out too hard on the 1st round and that hurt me in terms of getting a PR.

craigrr said...

A Testament to CrossFit's Aerobic Capacity

I took the APFT today which I think we agree is ‘a way’ to measure several components of fitness. Still, it is our Army’s requirement and we all strive to do well on it. I ran a 13:42 today which is not blazing but is nonetheless incredible! See the timeline below to see how that time is a testament to the capacity of CrossFit to increase the ‘run’ time.

- Sep 2008 I took my last APFT
- Oct 2008 I had surgery on my right ankle; scope and joint replacement in foot; rehab did not go well
- Apr 2009 2nd surgery on right ankle to repair torn tendons, micro-fracture surgery on ankle; 6 weeks in hard cast and absolutely no weight bearing
- Jul 2009 arrive at ILE still on crutches; begin physical therapy; I haven’t done ANY PT since Sep 2008 and previously was doing limited PT since April 2007 due to injury
- Aug 2009 attend the CrossFit Foundations class; start following IronMajor workouts with scaling due to physical limitations
Sep 2009 Ryan W., Mike W., Jamie, U. and Jeff P. take pity on me and take me under the wing; faithful to the program
- Apr 2010 APFT Push Up 86, Sit Up 102, and run 13:42

I have only done CrossFit (IronMajor) since last August, I haven’t done any additional training. I substituted rowing and stationary bicycle for all runs until 2 weeks ago. I ran the WOD on 6 April (4 x 400m), 8 April (100, 200, 400, 800), and 12 April (2 x 800, 4 x 400). On 10 April I ran 1600m just to see if I could do it. I’ve not done any other running until today…and while 13:42 is not a very good time, I haven’t runt 2 miles since Sep 2008!...and most of my prep was on a rowing machine or stationary bike. Oh, and by the way…I’m 44 years old. CrossFit works!

I’m on my way to the gym to do ‘Fight Gone Bad’!

C.L. said...

FGB = 277 as rx'd
- PR by 25
- I think I out-thought myself and paced a little too much in the second round and beginning of the third round. I'm already looking forward to this coming up again.

D_E_K said...

Wow, you all make me feel bad. I am coming back after next week's LINE certification though!

*Unpaid Unpolitical Announcement*

Just wanted to let you know that the Kansas City Rowing Club is conducting 2 Learn to Row clinics, which are 2 hour basic instruction, and a follow-on Beginner's rowing session, which is twice a week for four weeks on the water in a real boat. After which you can join the club and row when they row. The next one starts this Tues, and registration is still open. "Learn new sports!"

Want more info? http://kcrowing.com/join_kcrc.html

monroe said...

FGB: 257, PR by 9. Did this one with Ryan, CL, and Wayne. Great work guys, thanks to Nick for keeping score. This was day 7 without a rest, still happy with the result. The knowledge from themobility and recovery and nutrition certs are really paying off.

Great progress and testimonial, Craig! You should put that up on the CGSC blog.

I am two weeks into strict Paleo. I've lost 12 pounds of fat while barley able to eat enough. Feeling good, getting incremental PR's.

DEK, thanks for the tip on the rowing club. They're a good group of people. My wife Mary worked out with them a few summers back and had a blast.

craigrr said...

Total = 294

1st - 105
2nd - 94
3rd - 95

First time doing this WOD and wasn't sure what to expect. Had heard it was a bick suck and I wasn't disappointed in that. I lost a little bit on transitions; that might have put me over 300.

J. O'B said...

I never would have guessed that you had that much surgery. Congrats on your recovery - very impressive.

Thanks for posting about the KC Rowing Club. I'm going to give that Learn To Row clinic a shot. I don't know when I'll ever again have the opportunity to get on the water.


George said...

221, felt all of the poor snatch form from thursday as I could barely hold a stable position in round 1 on the pushpress. plenty of room for improvement

upty03 said...

did fgb with john m. yesterday at 1145...296 (pr)...then teed it up one hour later in a money game at Leavenworth CC, only to shoot 79 and cost my team a $36 loss. thanks, crossfit.

Russ said...

made up on 4/25

Event PRs: WB (65), SDLHP (54), Row (44)

Rd 1- 111
Rd 2- 94
Rd 3- 93
-Work SDLHP into skills and drills mores
-Needed timekeeper; stopping to check clock cost a couple reps.

jps said...

305 as rx'd
Have been trying to catch up all week. Needed some zone/paleo and recovery over the weekend.