Apr 8, 2010

FRIDAY 100409

Constantly Varied...
on the track (Harney will still be closed tomorrow)

4 rounds for time:

20 pullups
50 walking lunges (1 each leg)
10 standing broad jumps
10 clapping pushups

Post time to comments. Enjoy.


RW said...

Did track WOD from yesterday

100m - 14/15 (rest time was 3:1)

200m - 34

400 - 1:13, 1:16

800 - 2:53

Russ said...

Has anyone else been unable to Register online for the "Test Only" option next week? It's showing that option as "Full".

Russ said...

Thurs track WOD:
100s- :15 to :17
200s- 36,34,36,35
400s- 1:24, 1:20
800- 3:09

Wind sucked, but focus on POSE performance points helped raise efficiency. Thanks Brian.

J. O'B said...

Click on the Level 1 link on the upper right side of the Iron Major Crossfit main page. Then click on Register Now. I just checked it.

C.L. said...

METCON = 12:11 as rx'd
- Quads were on fire

John McGrady said...

My entire posterior chain is on fire!

Brian said...

I made up the PJ from earlier in the week. New 5RM of 160 (was 1RM)