Mar 30, 2010


Push Jerk
These are sets across, so build to your 5 rep max, then execute the 5 sets

rest 5 minutes then...

reverse Tabata (10 sec of work 20 sec of rest, for 8 rounds) of
L-Sit (parallettes or rings)

Post wt to comments.


Brian said...

I followed CL's example, & built my own parallettes this weekend. It was good to use them in a WOD.

PJ: 145#
I scaled L-sits to Tuck sits.

Rage Peterson said...

PJ: 115/135x3/115. Scaled back due to poor form.

Used rings for L-sits. Great stuff.

RW said...

PJ - 155,155,160,165,170 (f on rep 5)

should have started at 165

L-sits on the paralletes

jeffrey.paine said...

PJ: 135, 135, 135, 145, 145

L-Sits on parallets.

Michael said...

PJ: 155, 155, 160, 165, 170
also should have started higher

L-sits: paralletes x 3 then rings x 5
Had trouble with form (hips too far back which canted my L forward...and caused my feet to touch the ground), so ended up doing forward leaning Ls on the rings.

Russ said...

conservative 125 across the PJ, then L-sits on rings.

note: increase to 130-135 next time

GTH said...

PJ: 155# across.

L-sits on rings.

B_A said...

figures, I did L pullups/dips yesterday, we'll see how this goes! :)

John McGrady said...

155 on the push jerks. L sits on rings.

upty03 said...

165 across for pj

L sits on paralettes

J. O'B said...

155 on PJ with failure on last rep of last 2 sets.

L-Sits on paralletes. Was only able to hold my knees locked out for the first 2 rnds then I had to bend them.

Ray said...

PJ 75# lower weight to work on form
had better rack position which helped on the hip drive

Scaled L-sits to tuck sits on 2 24in boxes instead of the parallettes

George said...

worked on form so kept it a little lighter than a true 5RM
135, 135, 135, 145, 145

L sits on paraletts, legs not quite straight

Shannon said...

Push Jerk: 95-105-100-100-100

dropped to 100 because I lost form on the last 2 reps at 105

L-sits on rings

Gary said...

PJ: 115, 135, 155, 165, 175 (f on 3rd rep) dropped back to 165 to finish out.

L-sits made me feel weak and puny.

Nick said...

1 - 155 (f on 3) 2 - 155 (f on 3) got the point.. dropped to 150 to finish out.

L-sits made me feel like I should be in the crossfit for kids class.