Mar 24, 2010



Post weight to comments.


jeffrey.paine said...

Definitely felt yesterday's WOD today when doing deadlifts.

3-315, 315
2-315, 315, 315

Not my 1RM, but definitely a good working weight.

On Dave Maxwell's post from yesterday, the question is then "what can we do?" Not for our own personal fitness, but to make an impact in our units. Dave - is your commander willing to allow you some latitude in trying to establish a more functional PT program? Especially while down range? How would you work to that end if he was not? Just some thoughts for discussion.

Michael said...
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Shannon said...

165-175-175-185-185-185-195 (2min rest between sets)
*new 1RM by 20lbs

J. O'B said...

5 - 255
3 - 275, 275
2 - 285, 285, 285
1 - 295

Got the Seiko metronome in the mail today. Together with my new low profile New Balance running shoes, I'm ready to do some more Pose work.

John McGrady said...

1-failed twice at 315

J. O'B said...

Between the comments from the BCT panel and Dave Maxwell's post, I'm a little depressed about the state of the Army. I had been away from troops for three years before coming to ILE, so I'm a little surprised by how bad it has become.

To Jeff's question about "what can we do?" - I think we should take a slow bottom up approach. I think the deployments offer a great opportunity to create a "community of practice" (COL Monroe's term). Unless things have changed dramatically, PT in theater is decentralized. Individuals are free to workout as they see fit. We can exploit this. As soldiers see us working out, some will be curious and will ask questions. One by one we can slowly introduce functional fitness. The goal is to have a dedicated core "community of practice" established by the end of the deployment. It is the physical excellence of this core group that will sell functional fitness. I don't think you can build any kind of momentum for change unless you have that dedicated community pushing for it and demonstrating the benefit to be gained from it.

Sorry for rambling. Just the 2 cents I collected while pondering about about how I'll do Crossfit after ILE.

C.L. said...

315x5, 325x3, 335x3, 345x2, 345x2, 345x2, 365 (fault - form), 355x1

RW said...


monroe said...

Don't get discouraged. You won't change "the Army." You change one soldier at a time. And, you do it by example, not by proselytizing.

Ray said...

155# for 5-3-2
175# for 1 (new 1RM)

Got some needed form training from COL Monroe.

Michael said...

Sorry, had these wrong earlier...
5 - 275
3 - 315, 315 (form started to go on 2nd set)
2 - 315 (f on 2 - form), 295(much better), 295
1 - 315 (little iffy again)

Had trouble with form in middle, mostly due to fatigue. Definitely echo Jeff's comment about feeling yesterday..

Rage Peterson said...

Did all reps and sets with 275lbs.

KPaine said...

1-165 (new PR)