Mar 16, 2010


Use the Burgener Warmup as part of your warmup for today's WOD.

30 Power clean and Jerk's for time (135#/95#)

Post time to/for comment(s).


George said...

holding it down for the morning crew
ran 4x 400m with 400m recovery
ran 4x 200m with 200m recovery

then Grace as RX
6:13 new PR by over 4 minutes


J. O'B said...

I propose a new workout called "Nick." It's a week long AMRAP. For each round you have to agree to meet at the gym at 7am and then either come up with a last minute excuse or just don't show up. If you want to catch Nick on "Nick," you're going to have to get after it. He's 3 for 3 so far this week!

Brian said...

I make up the 10k, posted on yesterday's.

monroe said...

9:23 as rxd. Goal was 3 every minute. Could have gone faster. Felt strong, good form. Strove for depth in catch of the jerk, like it was a near PR. I think last time (pre foot surgery one year ago) was 6:36. Next time, one second faster!

Ray said...

scaled down to 105#

up from 100# last time WOD called for clean and jerk (gwen? 21-15-9, I think)

Form is terrible. I think I need to lower the weight until I get much better technique.

Harney seems completely empty. Not too many folks around.

jeffrey.paine said...

Played 9 holes of golf with my dad and my two boys. We'll call it a skills/drills day (although I displayed bery littel skill and dit almost no drilling of the ball).

Still fun, though.

Brian said...

I made this up on Fri:
burg W/u w/ PVC, then 45#
worked up to 135#, but was not sustainable for 30 reps.
Scaled to 115# for 10:36.

J. O'B said...

Makeup Grace - 8:05 Rx'd

First Grace. Very pleased. Wasn't sure if I could do it rx'd. Not too long ago I couldn't do a single rep at 135.