Mar 9, 2010


For max reps:

10 min max reps hand stand push-ups
5 min max reps squats
2 min max reps pull-ups
1 min max reps push-ups

** Do not rest between exercises

post reps per exercise and total reps to comments.


upty03 said...

This was on the main site about six weeks is a good one. An easy way to keep track is to set your timer for 18:00, when you are in the last five seconds of each exercise, write down your number and go right into the next exercise...good luck and enjoy.

Brian said...

I am seeing a good response to the POSE class Thursday at 1600 in Harney. I look forward to seeing you all there.

I will have another class in the near future, but if you want to contact me to set something up:

If you have not indicated your intentions to attend, please post it here w/ your WOD so I have enough handouts.

jeffrey.paine said...

As Rxed:
HSPU - 54
Squats - 159
Pull-ups - 25
Push-ups - 31
TOTAL - 269

I tried doing my first 10 HSPUs then settling to one every 10 seconds. That should have netted me between 60 and 70. Unfortunately fatigue set in about the 6 minute mark and I fell slightly off pace. I still think it was a good technique for doing it. For someone with a little more capacity, one every 6 seconds (or a goal of 10 per minute) might work.

craigrr said...

HSPU - 85
Squats - 150
Pull-ups - 45
Push-ups - 30
TOTAL - 310

My goal was 10 HSPU/min. I had 60 reps in 6 min (10,10,6/4,5/5,4/2, 3/3/3/1). After 6 min it was sets of 3, 2, and 1.

C.L. said...

287 reps as rx'd:
- HSPU = 63
- Squats = 151
- Pull-ups = 36
- Push-ups = 37

Brian said...

HSPU: 24
SQT: 104
Pull: 22
Push: 51

HSPU's getting better. Amy Baker taught me something today that helped: Hollow body- it is consistent w/ core to extremity idea, but I never applied it to HSPU's.

I had capacity for more squats, but paced myself too slowly.

J. O'B said...

this a.m. CFE:
3 rds: 200m, 400m, 600m run w/ rest equal to previous effort
1st rd- :40, 1:32, 2:23
2nd rd- :39, 1:29, 2:25
3rd rd- :38, 1:30, 2:27

then this p.m.:
HSPU - 35
Squats - 162
Pulups - 35
Pushups - 35
Total - 267

J. O'B said...
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John McGrady said...

HSPU - 35
Squats - 170
Pull-ups - 30
Push-ups - 35
TOTAL - 270

HSPUs were rough.

C.L. said...

Knocked out today's CFE WOD this afternoon

4x200m, 2x400m with :60 rests between each
Sprint :05, rest :30 until complete with 600m
- 200m intervals = :43, :41, :46, :42
- 400m intervals = 1:43, 1:42
- Completed the 600m in 13:58

J. Bell said...

As Rx'd:
HSPU = 70
Squats = 125
Pull Ups = 45
Push Ups = 46

Total = 286

RDM said...

After 'playing' with Crossfit for over a year, I finally decided to start following the WOD religously. (today was day #2 and my first time posting)

HSPU- I started with poor form and it just got worse. Got to the point where the only safe thing to do was handstands after about 6 minutes - at 8 1/2 I hit muscle failure and did a face plant! HSPU needs work!

Brian- I intend to come to the POSE class on Thursday and see what it's all about.

B_A said...

HSPU: 10 + max effort HS
SQT: 103
PlU: 27
PhU: 27

numbers aren't great, but kinda liked that one. sidenote: can now string 2-3 MUs and think I'm about 2 mos away from being able to do an unsupported HS, considering I started CF in Aug, pretty happy about that!

George said...

HSPU- 12, worked on just holding handstand position
Sqt- 87
pullup- 20

I would like to do the POSE clinic, but the timing doesn't work. Maybe next time.

upty03 said...


Total: 266

Ray said...

Brian, could not make Thursday POSE due to other commitments (evening MBA class) but would very much like to attend next session if you do offer it. Thanks.

GTH said...

HSPU: 83
Squats: 140
Pullups: 35
Pushups: 38
Total: 296

Shannon said...

HSPU- 88
Squats- 158
Pull-ups- 29
Push-ups 45