Mar 29, 2010

TUESDAY 100330

For time:
25 Squats, Pushups, situps, pullups
50 Squats, pushups, situps, pullups
75 squats, pushups, situps, pullups

Post time to comments. Enjoy!


upty03 said...

this is a staple wod on the mainsite...i have never done this one, but one piece of advice i have received is tape up your hands

RW said...

26:50 rxd

(feet supported sit-ups)

jeffrey.paine said...


My last 60 pull-ups were jumping pull-ups.

J. O'B said...

32:12 Rx'd
Situps were feet supported

Nick said...

I felt every beer from Canada.. uggh....situps were supported.. last 35 pullups were jumping...

Michael said...

35:06 rxd

The last round of pullups was pretty took about 8 min...I think I got weak mentally and enjoyed my little breaks too much.

Against Upti's advice and Jeff's heckling, I opted not to tape and I had no issues.

Brian said...

34:30. after 50 total pullups, I scaled he next 55 to Blue, and the final 45 to Green. Situps were w/ abmat, unsupported.

Russ said...

26:08, but jumping pullups for 35 of the 50, and all 75. Otherwise, I might still be in there.

good to be back to a full-up CF gym

GTH said...

As Rx'd - 28:30.

This included two stops for potentially blowing groceries. Thx, Upty!

John McGrady said...

27:53 as rx'd

Thank you tape for lasting 120 pullups.

George said...

last 70 pullups were with green band
first 25 situps were abmat remaing 125 were feet unsupported

new PR for a single workout on pullups with the 80 unassisted

ran 1 mile for time prior in 6:37

upty03 said...

DNF! Unreal. First DNF since SEP 08.

I had 14 pull-ups to go at 29:50 when i ripped off a callous on left hand...catastrophic injury forced me to stop. And yes, i taped, but it came off somewhere in my last 75.

Wayne L said...

32:14 as Rx'd

Feet unsupported.

made it to where i had 15 pull-up reps left when my hand ripped open

Shannon said...

27:33 as Rx'd

Sit-ups were feet unsupported

Gary said...

feet unsupported
20 of 50 p/u jumping
35 of 75 p/u jumping
glad I taped my hands (good advice upty)

Neil said...

Did GHs on the situps, and the pullups were absolutely brutual, did a mix of ring PUs and bands on each set. Close to 40 minutes to finish.

Bt I've discovered a great new post workout recovery plan that involves two jack & cokes and a couple of advil that I highly recommend.

Ray said...

Scaled to 15-25-40
Time 27:16

Pullups scaled to green band/jumping pullups/ring pullups

Ray said...
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C.L. said...

27:30 as rx'd
- Feet were supported for sit-ups