Mar 22, 2010

TUESDAY 100323

5 Rounds for time:

5 Thrusters (155#/125#)
5 Muscle ups
Run 400m

Post time to comments.

One thing that CrossFit workouts provide is a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence through mentally challenging workouts. If you lack self confidence, you may end up like this. Don't be shy, pick up the weights and get it on.


jeffrey.paine said...

IN attempting to NOT be like Shy Ronnie, I did 135# thrusters. Wow, that was heavy, especially for 5 rounds. I did do all 25 MUs, though. It really hit me about halfway through round 4 how heavy the weight was and how much harder the MUs were getting.

Time: 29:58.

George said...

thank you sir may I have another.
scaled a lot to get through all 5 rounds

125# thruster
15 pullup
15 ring dips for MUs


Michael said...

32:40 scaled as follows:

135# thrusters - next time I think I'll give 155 a whirl

muscle ups were a time suck for me. I did get through the 1st 3 rounds, but it took a lot of time. I was running out of time, so I cut out MUs after rnd 3...

A note on MUs, that was a personal best in terms of max # of MUs in a work out. The big improvement I noticed is that I was able to pull some MUs out once I got to a deep dip position, where before I would have lost them. So I think a key to success for me is getting better strength and depth in my dips. Thought I would mention that as it might be of use to some who are still working on MUs like me.

J. O'B said...

I pulled a Shy Ronnie and did a make-up of last week's Helen instead. Results are under the original WOD posting.

RW said...

19:14 rxd

400m route = up the stairs, out the door, straight across the grass to the sidewalk, down the sidewalk to the T-intersection (stop sign), left turn about 15m to the first sign in the grass

John McGrady said...

135# thrusters

upty03 said...

26:00 as rxed

Ray said...


85# thrusters

did 2 jumping ring dips + 2 jumping pullups for every 1 MU (x5)
400m row for 400m run

C.L. said...

22:46 as rx'd

Felt better during this than I thought I would, but my shoulders are shot after this WOD and the HSPU from yesterday.

GTH said...

155# thrusters is a bit much for me, so I scaled to 135#. Also did 400m row in place of 400m run (which, my arms informed me about round 3, was a horrible idea!).


Shannon said...

Scaled Thrusters to my Push Jerk 5 rep max- 95lbs
Did 400m row in place of 400m run

RD 1 & 2 with MU's
RD 3 & 4 with spotted MUs (Glen had to give me a boost to finish them out)
RD 5 eliminated MU's (I was at muscle failure and was out of skin on my wrist.. weak I know)

Total time: 51:00 (MUs took me FOREVER!!)

Gary said...

Scaled thrusters to 135#
15/15 pull-ups/dips instead of MUs
rowed 400s