Mar 8, 2010

TUESDAY 100309

Just a reminder, there are FIVE!! scholarship slots for the April Oly Lifting cert. Two are set aside for CGSC Class 10-2. The other three are open to all applicants. Get your applications in by Wednesday!

Today's WOD:

10 sets
2 x Back Squat @ (80-90% of 1RM)
rest exactly 1 minute between sets


100 double-unders for time

Post weight and time to comments


John McGrady said...

Are there an scholarships available for the upcoming level I cert?

Brian said...

If you are interested in learning about POSE running technique and Crossfit Endurance, I will conduct a class on Thursday at 1600.

If you plan to attend, indicate your intentions as you post your workout so that I can make sure I have enough handouts.

I will provide instruction on how to perform the drills to transform your running technique, and I will distribute a handout of the training plan.

Just a brief indication of what this can do for you:

Within a month of taking the CrossFit Endurance course, I improved my 10k time 8 minutes, my 10 mile time by ~15 minutes. A few months later, I ran a marathon with fewer training miles than any other marathoner I know. This will be worth your time.

RW said...

There will be 25 scholarship slots for the Level 1 coming in April. More to follow this week on applications.

jeffrey.paine said...

I have not been happy with my depth on Back squats at higher weights lately, so I am lightening the weight on really focusing on getting well below parallel. So. . . I did 185# today for back squats instead of 225# (80% 1RM).

10 sets - 185#

I also suck at DUs, so my time was not great. Thanks to Rob for helping me out in the last 30 reps or so with my form. It made a big difference and should improve my time next time we do this.

100DUs for time: 11:54.

J. O'B said...

Brian, I would like to attend the POSE training. POSE is something that I've been interested in for a while now. Thanks for offering to share your knowledge.

BS- 205# with faults on the last rep of each of the last 4 sets

DU- 1:23

Nick said...

Yeah. great fun.
205 across for back squats.
I need massive help on my form on the double unders. I think JoB has given up on me as a lost cause =).. time for my du's was 13:16.

I would like to do the pose class as well.

Russ said...

Brian- I will be there Thurs.

205 lbs across the Squats.

12:59 for the DUs
(New PR on unbroken though: 8!)

O'B. is a DU machine.

Nick said...

Great video on nutrition Im watching instead of doing my leadership reading.

Michael said...

Back Squats - (80%-90% is 225 - 255)
225x3, 245x2, 225x5
I also focused on form as I have 2 nasty habits
- knees going in
- not staying back on my heels

double-unders - 5:59
longest string was 15, then 11 and these came at the very end

then did a few more to see if I could string together more and got 23 & 18...

Michael said...
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Brian said...

I made up yesterday's WOD (posted there), and then did today's. Most Back squats were at 185, with one set at 195.

DU's: 6:55 (improvement, but still not consecutive).

Charles said...

I would like to sit in on your POSE class. I suffered an injury to my calcaneus 18 months ago, and any help to shift away from heel-striking would be awesome.

craigrr said...

BS = 225, 225, 245, 245, 265, 265, 255, 255, 255, 265

DU = 2:22

Brian, I have had two ankle surgeries in the last 18 months. I would love to attend but I will be on pass starting Thursday morning until Sunday. Can I get with you on an individual basis to get some instruction. I am staying here for spring break. I apologize for the special request.

Chuck said...

Thanks to all of the coaches who helped with the Foundations calss last week.


I am interested in attending the POSE class on Thursday.

George said...

225 for the backsquat. it was about 75% 1RM so I could work form and make sure I was getting low enough. it felt pretty good and my form was pretty strong through rd 7.

If burpees are the devil then double unders are his sister.
8:46, I had a strong start with 20 then didn't get more than 5-6.

upty03 said...

255 first five sets, then 275 for the last five

D/Us hurt me...3:49 (+0:15) from last time.

Ray said...

Back Squats: 155#

DUs- 5:47

Nick, great video on nutrition. Thanks for posting!

C.L. said...

Brian, I plan on being at the POSE training on Thursday.

Back squats = 245 for all ten sets (80% of 1RM of 305#)

MetCon = 5:27 as rx'd

RW said...

Back squat = worked form today
185 x 5 / 185 x 5 / 205 x 5 / 215 x 5 / 225 x 2 / 225x 2 / 225 x 2

then did the WOD using bench press @ 205

DU = 1:13 (pr by 20 sec)

J. Bell said...

AM Workout:
Ran 5 miles at 8:20 pace (not a good idea b/f BS workout)

BS WOD: Did it slightly different. Did 1 min sets where work and rest were included in the 1 min.

BS weight: 255# accross

PM Workout:
Double unders: 16:14. Only able to string 3 together, but I am getting better each time we do this.

GTH said...

BS = 205 across, worked form today.

DU = 1:49, couldn't catch Ryan....

jps said...

Brian -

I would like to attend and invite those doing the group WOD at that time to attend. I only had two attend today and would estimate no more than 5-7.


John McGrady said...

Back Squats 225 across.
D/Us 7:17
I also discovered the advantage of a better jump-rope.

I'll sign up for the POSE class, too. Anything that helps me hate running less must be a good thing.

jeffrey.paine said...

Brian - count me in for the CFE/POSE on Thursday.